18 days old how they looking


So how they doing? uu



Looking good buddy


What is your light source? How many watts ? What type of soil do you have it in? It healthy but it look like it isn’t growing much . It may be your light source isn’t providing it with much light


Mine when they were two weeks old gsc


three CFL 150 bright white small T5 im working on getting a MH/HPS setup at end of month with grow tent
this is my first grow so leaning as i go


the big one is Gorilla glue clone ive had she 18 days as well but in her case she was well along when i got her the other two seeds found in bag of bug from club unknown type big one is really growing

one picture is the week i got her second is this morning what you think with light fan and tent upgrades i think my next go round will be better


i did top her she was stretching badly but since then she is bushing out and i love it


Awesome, looks good. I watched videos on low stress training high stress training. I have limited room er highth. My favorite is to top them then after it y’s i pull it down.

Enjoy your grow i do.


Where can I buy a fixture like that in the picture


Thank you and yes space is limited for me as well but these first plants is trial and error hope to get some thing back but light is not the best what do you think about fox farm ocean forest potting soil


@Majiktoker @garrigan62 @Donaldj might know more about that soil Then me. . yes my first grow i tried different training methods. I’ve slowly increased my lights and room. All budget dollar store or bi mart oh and lowes. First grow took for ever and if it Wasn’t for these guys on here i would have killed them. Happy growing


It will be fine to use as long as your plant has 5 sets of leaf nodes or more


Ya I can agree with @Majiktoker on this but the soil is still hot soil. I would keep a close eye on hem for a coupleb of weeks. Dont feed them either for awhile. There plenty of nutrient s in the soil.



How you doing brother, and thank you for clarifying the no feeding until further growth


Your wecome my friend.
It turned out to be noncancer…way good news



Yea I’d say buddy I’m glad to hear


Way awesome… alot of weight off my shoulders…



I think I have a wayof getting you a pic. Can you receive a pic on your phone ?
If so I can send you a pic of thoughs fliwers.
And there are no nale sacks at alk nit on aby.



Yea brother i can receive pictures and videos your more than welcom to send over some pictures of the flowers


Ok Cody.

I was sure it was ok …but I like to ask first.
Any way I’ll send in a bit