18 Days no beans :(


I’m a very impatient person lol, I’ve been waiting 18 days I’m really starting to get worried that they have been seized by customs. I live in Alabama :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t worry yet mine took 25 days and they were all good


It takes all kinds of time. I’ve had one in 12 days and another take almost 3 weeks. More than likely it’s the postal service making it slow


I ordered Mar 21 and I’m still waiting for mine too. No worries. Either they will show or they will get replaced by ilgm!


I’m at 20 business days right now. This is the longest that it’s ever taken.


I received mine today! I hope you get your soon bro.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone


@Hawkeye_diesel I would submit that its not the postoffice but customs slowing things down. That seems to be the main problem most of the time. And if seeds dont pop, it could be because of customs xraying which they do do. And it could create problems with the seeds on occasion.