18 days auto grow

It won’t get better u just don’t want it to get worse. She looks great. Keep it up. Ph is good as well

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She looks really good. Great job. Now try to keep that Ph in line and you’re set.

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Thank y’all for the help.

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Starting to get some spotting and yellow bottom leaves on my amnesia haze auto. Does this look like a nitrogen deficiency?

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Yeah nitrogen deficiency and when is the last time you watered? Looks a little dry.

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Sounds like it. Just to be sure, what is the ph from the run off?

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Watered and fed this morning. Half a gallon

She’s a thirsty girl then!

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@ bud brother haven’t really watered to runoff yet. They are around 30 days old in 5 gallln smart pots. Slurry test ph was around 6.8

That was 5 days ago, but I doubt it could have changed to the point of nute lock. Yup definitely a N deficiency.

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Okay. I mixed a gallon of veg nutes at 50% strength this morning and split between two plants. Other plant blue berry is having no issues. Do you guys think that is sufficient to try or should I try to give her a little more. Today is the first feed in 8 days.

Also am I giving enough water at 1/2 gallon each? Or should I be stepping it up?

That’s hard to call. It’s more of a feel thing. You have smart pots, so it’s harder to over water. I can say in the pic above, it looks very dry for just watering. 8 days, why soo long?

I was 8 days between feeding with feed, water, water then back to feed

My outdoor girls are always way thirstier than my indoor plants. I had to water damn near every day in late veg and flower. Lift the pot when she’s dry and then when she’s watered. Then you’ll be able to tell when you need to water. Sorry if you knew and do all this already. :v:


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Spotting continues. Any ideas or suggestions on what I should do for this plant?

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You just fed them yesterday. Give her some more time. Monitor the new growth, it should be green not yellow. Just a heads up, damaged leaves don’t get better, and that’s why you monitor the new growth. Continue to keep an eye on the PH.

Do you have an EC or PPM meter?


I have a ppm meter

My in going food was 520 ppm

This is becoming a normal thing. Have never water to runoff but about to to get an idea of the root ph. Help! Lol