18 days and wondering🤔

Hello everyone. Checking in and looking for a little visual checkup from the more experienced (I’m a 1st timer). Besides the once over from the group, I would also like some opinions on whether a newbie should attempt LSTing. Definitely interested in more colas but of course a successful harvest is on the top of the list…watched someone break the main vein, oooweee it hurt me to watch the video lol. All comments and concerns are welcomed! Thanks gang!
Forgot to mention, B.Kush on the left, Cheese on the right, both autos, humidity at 55%, temp a steady 80degrees, ph runoff 6.5, right now ph’d distilled water only, no nutes yet, but the FF trio on standby. Fabric pits with 50% FFOF on the bottom and FFHF on top 50%, small fan in tent, 4in inline duct/exhaust system, Spiderfarm LED, in a 2.3×2.3×5


Hi there. Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:.
Look a tad dry. How old? You can definitely start to tie some down to start even canopy. Do u have pots on risers to keep out of runoff? Do you have the tds pen also?

If you wait until about 5 or 6th node, u can top plant down to 3rd. Give it a try, if you miss, it could be a Fim’d. :crazy_face:

Dropped the little sprouts in the soil 04/25. Top soil does look dry, but the pots are weighty, I have a 3rd pot that is completely dry to do my comparison, very aware of the overdoing the water newbie mistake and desperately trying to avoid it, fingers crossed. I do have a tds meter as well


And no risers, but now i know I need them. Fantastic reminder, and THAT’S why I’m here👍

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what a great idea with the 3rd filled pot. I can’t lift mine, so it’s a cross my fingers water.


Looking good my freind.
And i absolutely advise you to do a little LST.
If you want to keep it simple just bend or lean the plant over as it grows.

Careful not to snap it in half of course but lean it over and tie in down so the side branches can get more light and they will shoot up.
Just doing this will greatly increase your yeild…

The goal of most LST is simply to spread the plant out and try to not let any one “top” get to far above others.
you can just play with it and have fun. .
Make daily little adjustments or just a little lean can make a huge effect