18 ag ww first grow

Just put em in bigger pots today!!


Looking good! How many babies? On the ones with lanky stems i would bury their stem more or theyll topple over.

19 babies!!! Thank you for the advice!

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I dont know how to create a new topic, I’m new. But I’m trying to figure out if my seedlings have died :frowning:

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They dont look happy. Are you simply misting around the stem for water? Also are roots coming out of solo cup? You need to transplant soon into pots. Also have you domed them @ all. They love humidity in veg. I let them have alsost 70% during veg.
To make a topic just go to beginner topic , click new topic , make a topic & ask or show your girls. Happy Growing!!!
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Looks fine to me!

Happy Growing!!!

No, we just barely put into solo cups today. I had them domed in the sun, and they drooped some. I’ve put them in a south window hoping it will straighten them back up.

I looked for the “create topic” and couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe its because I’m on my phone?

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Yes, we are just misting them. I poked several holes on the bottom and sides of the solo cups. We also didnt pack the organic potting soil.

We were going to use CFL lights, but the stores here didnt have them. My other half said putting them in the direct sun right now isnt a good idea. I’m confused on that. I thought, putting them in direct sunlight was good for them?

I’ve given myself a migraine trying to figure out if I’ve killed his precious girls. Sigh


Let em get a bit taller before putting them in direct sunlight
Sun is great for em but is too intense for the seedlings
They look a bit over watered and a lil heat stressed but they should be fine

If you have to put outside do it in a shaded area. Dire t sun is a lil too harsh right now.

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