16 Weeks And Counting

ILGM Super Lemon Haze autos. Popped up outta soil on December 28. Never had autos go this long. They didn’t start flowering until end of week 7. Compared to some ILGM Sour Diesel autos that started flowering at end of week 3. Those are done, dried, and cured. And from looks of these SLH, there’s another month to go. This normal?
Plants appear to be healthy. Buds are massive. Colas every bit of 5-6 inches in girth. Some starting to flop over due to the weight. Anyway, just thought I’d ask if anyone else has experienced these long grow times with this strain or any others. TIA


Big girl! Doing the math from your dates and subtracting the seedling stage I would estimate week 6 of flower. Sounds like she was stubborn for an auto and added 3-4 more weeks to veg. Hazes typically have a long flower time with 14 weeks from true flower to harvest not being uncommon :love_you_gesture:


I have a White Widow auto that is getting “long in the tooth”. I was about to flip the lights but she started flower this week.


Thank you. Makes me feel a little better. I don’t mind waiting longer for bigger yields. But, since I’ve never had an auto go this long, thought I’d better start asking some questions. Anxious to see what my final weight will be.
Started one Super Skunk, one AK-47, and two Sour Diesel at same time (all autos). All of which are already done, dried, and cured. And turned out amazing. After dry, AK-47 produced 6.5 ounces, Super Skunk yielded just under 8 ounces, and the two SD got me 12 ounces.
All those plants are dwarfed by these SLH. Between the 3 SLH plants, I’ll bet i get 2lbs+.
Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated…


@HogLeg wow man that’s a great looking girl!!


Nice totals for autos :muscle::love_you_gesture:

My largest auto so far, a little over 10 zips. I’m happy with a 4-6 average


This was mine 3 days ago day 113 romulan haze auto pacific seed bank. Same situation


That happens for sure @OGIncognito …the rest of the grow is done and you still have lights on for one stubborn holdout