16 days from germination


I am growing the Banana Kush - the seeds seemed exceptionally small to me but I got 8 out of ten growing. I have an 8 pot 5 gal bubble system without forced circulation. About 2200 lumens per sq ft. PH 6 and temperature is 77-81. This is my second grow in Hydro but am an experienced soil grower. My first grow I over fertilized and ended up losing 3 plants - I did not add any fertilizer this time - on the forth node and noticed some yellowing so I fertilized this morning. My question is the plant leaves are only 3 fingers - I have never had this occur previously in any medium - inside or out. Is this because I did not fertilize or am I missing something or is this common for the Banana Kush? Just to be on the safe side I am going to add epson salts in case I misdiagnosed the deficiency - gotta run to the store - Any information would be appreciated!


That is in all likelihood common to that strain. You should be fine.

Keep your nute levels around 900 ppm TOTAL during veg and the PH between 5.5 and 5.8 and you should not have any issues.


Keep PH n PPM monitored.

ALL the new strains are hybrids. Think the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein. Each seed is a roll of the dice. Most will follow the expected expectations. Some will be “different”. Usually not a big deal…if…the plant flourishes and produces a good harvest. If it does that, I dun kare if it’s got 10 leaves or 1 leaf.

This is why, I suggest, planting a few more seeds than what you expect to harvest. Only plant one or three and life happens. Some will just be puny n worthless. Some will make you grin every time you look at them…ALL six times a day. Yeah, we all do that. Better to remove a slow grower than to have to start over again. Once the seed hatches, the plants clock it ticking and …YOU…the grower has to learn to quickly adapt and nourish the plant as each phase of growth. YOU…is the deciding factor.


Got any pics (in regular light, not blurple)?


Sorry for the poor quality of the picture - I only have a small regular light in the room and they are in sleep mode right now. I will try and get a good shot.


They look pretty good from here. It’s not uncommon for them to only have three leaves on the first few nodes. I think you’ll have more fingers pretty soon.


No I think yours is fine. I’m growing a purple kush and this is what mine looks like at about 16 or 17 days above soil.


Growing in soil was easy but Hydroponics is a challenge. I included a shot of my first Hydro grow.


A-lil nute burn on the tips, nothing that couldn’t of been fixed in a day or two.
If you want plants that surprise you by how fast and big they grow stick with hydro :mage:


Those were my first hydro grow and I learned a lot - those are northern light and widows - the quality was great but because I didn’t trim and train them the harvest wasn’t what it could have been. I am now doing Banana Kush and they are strange - first 4 nodes were three fingered leaves - 5th node finally are 5’s - this is on all 8 plants. They are growing at a good rate but the color ( lime green ) had me worried. I addressed it as sulfur deficiency 4 days ago - no difference yet. I let them grow the first 2.5 weeks without adding fertilizer. I started with 20% of what the manufacturer recommended and am going to work from there. My first grow was in 1975 under regular florescent in soil with seeds I brought back from Vietnam. I have grown in soil indoors and out ever since. Hydro is amazing but it is also challenging. ILGM!