150 watt clamp lamp with 300 watt LED?

Hey everyone, I had a quick question regarding it being safe to put my 300 watt LED light (Feit Electric C4000/5K/LED Non‑Dimmable LED Yard Light Bulb) in my 150 max watt clamp lamp fixture (pictures below)? If someone could let me know what I need to do to have a safe and healthy environment for my plant that is currently in the seedling stage.


After blowing up the light picture, your LED bulb only draw 38 W and it’s compatible with the clamp light (60 Hz, 120 V), so, yes, it will be safe to use it…

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Thank you so much!


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Yep. I looked it up and I concur the LED is 38 watts. That means you can “Y” the socket and safely put two of them in that light holder. Claims it is 4000 lumens. That’s bright.