150.00 budget for lights Any suggestions

First grow,not looking to invest to much on this one.but hoping what i buy now can be utilized on my next grow when i hope to upgrade my lights.Scared of the heat and fixture cost of Hps and MH .So from what i have read T5’s are probably my best bet but again im new to this and would like some experienced suggestions. First i should say i dont plan on growing more than 6 plants at a time(for now and in the future).so i thought i would buy 2 - 4’ 2 tube fixtures which when i upgrade i could use them on the sides of the plants with the upgraded lights above the canopy.Any suggestions on a descent T5 setup for around the 150.00 price range.Or suggestions on a different light source

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Don’t be scared! I own two of these now. Great fixture and ballast!

Or, what I’m getting soon…



I would have recommended the exact same two companies. Good call @ktreez420.

You can also check out craigslist and a local facebook trading group, for used stuff. Goodluck man.

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Oh Dang i do like that mh/hps setup. I was worried about heat issues and electric bill cost. Trying to keep it simple and cheap while still spending enough to produce something to be proud of. I like those mars aswell and am tempted towards them. Which do you think is most versatile and will get the best yeild.

@ktreez420 great job, I would have recommended the same lights as well :thumbsup:, to add in @4play make sure with one of those you have good ventilation in the room and make sure the light can hang about 18" from plant canopy any closer is a little risky it will burn your plants.

Most people here will tell you as a rule of thumb, hang the light out your hand under the light and keep moving down until the light is no longer hot on the back of your hand (ie; meaning of its to hot for you its to hot for your plants :thumbsup:.

Good luck in your first grow, if you need any help we are here and welcome to ilgm

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Personal opinion, hps gives good yields and less give great yield, which one yields more, honestly I almost wanna say leds yield more, with the right environment with mh hps bulbs you can get almost a gram per watt of light, being your first grow probably half a gram per watt…

With 2 mars leds your likely to yield more

I’m with @ktreez420 on the MarsHydro! I have one of those, $69 w/ free shipping on eBay. Mine’s working great on 5 seedlings right now. I’m moving 3 of those outside, so I need to pick up a 2nd one to cover the other half of my 2’x4’ tent.

FYI the caribiner it comes with is small and wouldn’t hook over my tent rod. I recommend getting a couple that fit on your tent rod, and also pick up some chain to adjust the height.

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Thanks for the quick responses Bros, i think the Mars leds will be my choice. Should be less heat and utilities compared to the MH/Hps set up, my biggest fear is one of these China light getting hot and burning the house down. So im guessing these Leds are good from germ to flower??
So looks like nobody would choose the T5s lol
How do i tag someones name like in the above post

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Just type the @ symbol and a list of names should pop up, or just type out the rest of the name.

Should be good seed to harvest from what I’ve read, this is my first grow with it.

Just saw your pic kushpa,does that led produce much heat

Very little. In fact, I had a bit of a crisis this week when my AC went out and I had to open up the tent and add a fan to keep temps down. 310W of additional CFL lighting (I had the plants split into a CFL side and an LED side), had raised the tent temp up above 100F with a room temp outside the tent of 88F. When I killed all the CFLs, temps plummeted, and now the temp inside the tent (opened up and well ventilated) is just 1 degree higher at plant level than outside the tent room temp with just the LED.

I just bought a Vivosun 600w complete set w hps and mh bulbs and air-cooled closed hood for 159 off Amazon, and am very impressed with the quality so far. Tho my first and have only been running 10 days, so I may not be the best judge. Lol

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If you’re worried about heat and electricity I definitely recommend the 2 pack of Mars Hydro 300w. They should give you a great yield for your first grow, and should last you a couple years. There’s a ton of reviews out there on the Mars hydro LEDs, so I wouldn’t be worried about it burning your house down haha! Go read some reviews and watch the YouTube videos if you’re still contemplating what you’d like to go with.

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Well iordered the hydro and of course like on all major purchases i see something that "Looks better for a better price. It also has 100 leds per unit compared to 60 leds on the hydro. Would you mind taking a look


@Majiktoker would you mind taking a look at this light,it claims to have better par rating and what got me interested init over the hydro is it has 100 leds compared to the 300w hydro has 60 . Also its dimmable which inless im misreading that the hydro is not.its unbranded which makes me nervous.

@MacGyverStoner i would appreciate your input on the above mentioned light compared to stats on Mars hydro 300w. Says it has 9 bands of color and manu things i dont see on the Mars but i no some sellers they like to lie alot . But this looks interesting .i can lways cancel my order but i need to know pretty quick i kust ordered them and havent confirmed yet

Honestly I wouldn’t trust it. If it has no brand, no reviews or any proof for their claims, then I wouldn’t trust it. In a world where the weed industry is expanding so quickly were getting more and more companies just ripping people off because they can unfortunately. I’d stick with your Mars order because you will have full confidence in them.
Unless you find some reviews and videos and true stats for it, I would go with Mars Hydro. I can see why you would think of going with the other LEDs, because of the 100 LEDs instead of 60 and etc., but I also feel like that’s just a lie they’re saying to make you go, ohhh ahhh! Must be better if it’s got more LEDs! But the sad truth of it is that more and more companies are lying about the quality of their products. Just to sell over other companies. It’s so wrong to me, but it’s what’s going on, so be warned on the topic.
But, don’t let me tell you what to do! If you want to go with the other LEDs then go for it. If you do, let us know how they work.


Thanks for the well e,plained advise. Ya its hard to turn down the extra 80 lights the 2 units would have together and the dimmeable feature plus more color bands which i dont know if its better but they sure know where to tickle us dont they lol ya im sticking with my order. If they were that good they would be stamping a name on that bitch and making youtube videos .Must be hiding something if you dont want is to know your name so we can check your references lol they also didnt list the exact leds being used just proclaimed highest quality. Good looking Out.My babies are beggin me to give em the resources they need .in tryin to read as much as i can until my eyes blurr out.Set up is hidden from the wife for now so my pics and journal are gonna look like the diary of Anne Frank with my poor mistreated babies stowed away in a dirty lonely place

Im ordering F.F.Trio ,should get here when my lights do next Thursday. From there im following Yoshis journal .he seems to be doing good

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Does it come from a legitamate grow company, if not I wouldn’t trust it, the mars led lights will be better, sorry for the delayed reply been working all day I just got off probably 20 minutes ago and i wanted to enjoy some family time before coming on

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Yea that’s actually a great way to put it, if it was that good of a light they’d put their name on it and have lots of reviews done for it. You’ll be very happy with 2 Mars Hydros though, I’m actually jealous now haha! I’m going to order them when I get paid in 2 weeks, just had to pay off a bunch of other things first.
Your girls are going to love you for getting them such nice lights haha! And they’ll really love those nutrients! Good luck my man, I’ll be watching your thread and rooting for you!