14 week auto Bubblegum ready to chop?

This Bubblegum auto is 14 weeks from popping thru the soil.
I’m not seeing much amber and the buds still seems to be thickening up.
I feel like I have come a long way with this first grow I don’t want to mess it up at the finish line.
Growing in a tent Happy Frog, got the farm farm trio weeks 5-8. Has only received RODI water the past few weeks.

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At this point it’s completely up to you she looks good all of the hairs have turned and from what I can see I do see some amber maybe 5 percent, and the rest look all cloudy! All depends on the high you want… me personally I would probably put her to sleep for a few days then cut but if you want some more of that narcotics feeling leave her until you seeing a bit more amber


What do you mean “put her to sleep”?

How much time to get more of the amber? Another week? 2 weeks?

He means give her the 48 hours of darkness for higher thc levels and I’d say check at least every 3 days most people like a solid 20%amber I think 50% is too couchlocky but some people want that


Actually this is more to transport residual salts to the roots just before harvest, resulting in a smoother smoke. This is also all supposition and guesswork with no real data to support it.

If it were my plant I would have it on water only for a week while watering to runoff and checking TDS of that runoff. When I get to my target in soil of 300 ppm or in coco under 100 ppm the plant gets 36 hours of darkness then immediately harvested.

I also do a bud wash. This removes environmental toxins and human skin cells and hair etc that you don’t want to smoke. It also removes any white powdery mildew that may be present (and usually is some) which also helps the finished smoke.


Oh people told me it was because everyday in bloom your making about 1% more thc but lose .5% to light damage . Do you think the peroxide bath helps prevent mold (assuming of course you give it a quick fan dry from the bath)

I got put on to peroxide wash years ago after a bout of wpm and have washed every harvest since. Some climates have wpm spores year around (like where I live) so easy to infect plants. You would see it deep in the flower and when it’s got hold of the plant the leaves will start to gray. Peroxide and water kills it immediately and follow with a tapwater rinse, hang to air dry then dry/cure as normal.

Flower stays in good condition longer too. I’m still smoking harvest from September 2018.

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I have the same strain going. I am also down the stretch with this first grow. Of the 14 weeks, how many weeks in flowering? I am now into the 10th week of flowering with 4 weeks of veg. I know environmental factors play a big role, so I may be longer than yours. Just want some baseline idea.

As I am getting closer to harvesting, been reading about it. Many different ideas around. Lots of good suggestions here as well. Some people just cut, regardless night/day. I will not be able to put them in complete dark since I have only one grow space with others still going. Not sure what I will do. This is the one place where I can control environment a little.

Good luck. Finish strong.

Sadly I don’t remember what week it started with flowering. Yesterday I ordered an electro microscope to connect to my iPhone. Hopefully i can get a better view of the amber happening.
I may move mine to a dark closet for a few days before harvest but it will definitely be a temperature change from the grow tent.

@JasonMac… Good luck with the microscope…they are really really touchy. Took me about a month to get pix that clear enough to see anything. I ended up putting it right on top off the buds. The tip was actually inside the clear cap/lens protector

If it’s not an improvement from my jewelers loupe I’ll send it back to amazon

It’s Ready, harvest and enjoy