135W Quantum board

This light doesn’t seem to be what i was expecting.

I am using it for seedlings and veg but my plants dont seem to like it… anyone have any tips or suggestions??

They don’t seem to like the light in what way? Photos are always helpful.
Do you have the R or B board?
How long have they been under the light?
Just a couple of questions to fill in the blanks.


I have 3 of the 260 xls and my plants love them. The 1e5 is a good light for sure. Give it a little time and u will see. Working with som s quality lighting there buddy.


I started this zkittles auto on 10-6.
I believe it is the r board, but honestly unsure.

I say it doesn’t seem to like cause of the age vs size, i would think it would be a bit bigger by now.

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Should i be worried it doesn’t have any of the red spectrum?

I call it seedling envy. I see 2 or 3 week old plants that are monsters. Why aren’t mine like that?
Here is an example
This is a jack herer auto. Cotyledon leaves on 7/22. Photo taken on 8/25. Not very impressive.

Yours looks further ahead that jack.
This is it two months later on 10/28

The word for the day is patience. If it likes it’s soil and nutrients (in the soil or added) it should show significant growth during the next week to 10 days. Sometimes with autos a slower start pays dividends in the end. It can lead to an overall larger plant and more production. The jack didn’t start flowering until day 51.
The R series has the red for flower so it is good for veg to flower.
The B is geared primarily toward veg.


The 135 is a good enogh light to take u thru the whole grow depending on the space u r working with. I believe that flowers a 2x2 area so u might wanna keep it to as close of a 2x2 area u can get. In a closet a small tent but that will grow u 1 plant possibly 2 start to finish. Hlg is bomb lighting

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I’m using an HLG 135 R Spec in a 2x2x4 and I have no complaints, the plants turn out great. Could it be genetics or something else?

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She’s fine. She’s spreading her roots. Go real easy on watering, and she will blow up…

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We need to control all the environmental conditions in order to achieve optimal growth.

Unless you dial in temperature, humidity, and fresh air, you can’t expect the genetics to perform to their fullest potential. The light looks like it’s hung too high as well; I might dim it, but hang it at 16-18”. I would give the plant as much light as it can take, assuming the other parameters are met. You want leaf surface temperature around 80f and your humidity at around 75%rh.

Generally, if our plants are too cold, grow will stall; I don’t know how an autoflower would respond, as opposed to a scotoperiod plant. I don’t know whether it delays flowering, or stunts the growth while completing the life cycle.

It could be other factors too. If we water incorrectly, the plants struggle. If we use nutrients fertigation at too high an EC, the plants can’t transpire.

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So if i dont see any red in the light i have the b series?

Thanks for all the input everyone !!

The light is not the problem, droopy plant most likely from over watering - probably watering too often. Over watering slows down growth. How much and how often are you watering?

Also may be giving too much light at this point, how many watts are you using? Have you adjusted the dimmer any?

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The board should have 3k and 4k boxes with one checked. It’s on the diode side. Or it might say R-spec/B-spec. Or check your receipt.

I’d bet a buck that’s an R-spec, but I actually haven’t seen a B-spec in person, so I can only guess based on a photo that’s color balanced.

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Pretty easy to tell by looking at the light. If it’s an R-spec it has some red leds on it, B-specs have some blue leds instead, if no red or blue leds than it’s an older generation QB before the R and B spec models.

This is a B-spec


These are R-specs (disregard the UV light in the middle with blue leds)


I haven’t adjusted the light at all. But i have been trying to dial in the watering schedule. Its my first auto so im trying to workout the kinks

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:heart_eyes: wow!!!

How much did that light cost?

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Okay. Ill check it out. Thank you

The HLG 135 Bspec was $200
The HLG 550 Rspec was $850
The HLG UVA 30 was $150

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Whew! Thats some cash! Looks like its worth it though!

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