135W QB LED for a 2' x 2' tent?


Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone had any opinions or experience with using the 135W QB LED in a 2’ x 2’ ( 600 x 600 / 24" x 24" - depending on which part of the world you are from!) grow tent.

It would be my first grow attempt and I would most likely be growing 1 -2 plants at any one time.

Its worth noting they they don’t come in 3500k spectrum (choice would probably be the 3000k) but they fall quite nicely into my budget for lighting and I feel like it maybe more ‘bang for buck’ than a Mars II or Viparspectra 450 par that are the other choices in that price bracket and decidedly cheaper than the rapidLED kits (either the CXB3590 or VERO29SE kits).

Generally i’m very much of a n00b at all this LED lighting (as if you couldn’t already tell!) but have tried to read and take in as much as possible. So I would appreciate any and all advice that you might be able to share.

Thanks in advance.


@JD1337 welcome, @dbrn32 is the lighting guru around these parts… check out this…


Ah thanks for that link @BIGE, ill put my question in that thread so it can be all kept together.

Very long thread! i should go make my self a cup of coffee and get comfy…! :wink:


Welcome to the forum!! As mentioned, that DIY thread is very informative and @dbrn32 is the man! I think @raustin might have just gotten that QB board, but @mattybear has good knowledge of the boards as well as that size tent. Best of luck on your grow, Jeb


Welcome to the group @JD1337! And I appreciate the kind words from the rest of you @BIGE @Momtomask.

That is definitely one of the best options available for a 2x2. The performance pretty much speaks for itself. Plus the price isn’t bad at all for getting into the higher performing leds. 3000k would be fine for seed to harvest growing.

How soon were you looking to make purchase? Hlg just released new board, expecting some kit options with them soon. No real big differences, but they added a few diodes and mixed some 80cri with 90cri, which provides a little more 660nm.


better take an asprin or two as well, sometimes the numbers hurt my head…lol


Thanks for the reply @dbrn32 and the warm welcomes from everyone else.

I’m looking to grab a light by the end of the month really so i can start up at the beginning of May. Will the updated boards be out then you reckon or is there no known timeline at this stage?

Good to know that the 135w would be sufficient for that area, really looking forward to getting into it all! :wink:


The boards are available already, but they don’t have them included in kits yet. Not to my knowledge anyway.

It uses same heatsink as 288 board, and same driver voltage as first generation 304 boards. So component wise, it’s not really anything new. Which means shouldn’t be a big deal to offer kits or an upgrade option within the existing kits. I just haven’t seen anything like that yet. I could easily walk you through getting the right components and not needing a “kit” but the new 324 boards are only available in pairs, and you don’t need two boards. So Kinda stuck there.


i have a 2x3 area and just ordered 2 hlg-65 3000k non dimmer boards, it will work for your 2x2. i plan on using 1 board per plant, got great advise from @dbrn32


Thanks for all the input guys.

Looking to start my first grow in a couple of weeks so am likely to put an order in for the 135w QB at the beginning of next week!



Awesome! Keep us posted


So I got a marshydro 600w was going to get another to cover all four in my 31x31" but what you recommend. I got 2 to 3 weeks till true veg.


I got a marshydro 600w was going to get another to cover all four in my 31x31" but what you recommend. I got 2 to 3 weeks till true veg.


There’s not a lot of great lights for that size space. A qb 135 kit is a little small, and a 260 kit probably a little more than you need. If you’re looking for something to run with your current light I would probably go with a 135 kit or build something.


Did you try led grow light with heatsink or Mars COB? I think Mars COB has longer lifespan, it uses Meanwell driver and Cree&Osram chips


I think one Marshydro 600W can work for your 31’‘x31’’ grow size



I was told I’d need two and I think there right this one barely covers small center space In tent


That mars hydro is about 250w. You need a good 400+ watts of mediocre led lighting for that space. So either another of the same, or add an hlg qb135.
I’d say get the hlg. Run it next to the mars hydro in the tent and see what you think.

Also, and this may have been pointed out, 4 plants in a 31"x31" is going to be tight.


The plants are a stain that grows short and compact, and a hearty not easily killed, which I though would be a go 1st go. There will be no room on the sog, I’ve planned for this.