13 weeks into outdoor grow. Potential yield on these babies?

Per the headline, things going good on these plants. My other two from the beginners section have been head scratchers. Not these. I took them over from a buddy who gave up. I replanted both in FFHF and 30% perlite. Topdressed with agricultural limestone a few weeks ago. 35 gal containers and I punched a bunch of holes for drainage and airflow.


There’s really no way to give an accurate guess at this point. Too many variables. Could be 2 zips total. Could be a QP each.


Total crap shoot bro. They look strong and healthy going into that time of year.


10 4. I’ll keep you posted. Thx

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They look a lot like mine do. I’ll be interested to see how we compare.

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Tuesday will be there beginning of week 8 of flower. I’m thinking I have 2-3 weeks left. Am I right in that thinking? Took these pics yesterday.

I noticed the Calcium deficiency. Is it too late to dose it?

Possibly. Could be a little longer. Do you know what strain it is?