13 week grow cycle

So today marks the end of a 13 week grow cycle. It was my first attempt at an indoor grow. I grew 2 auto flowering feminized sour diesel plants in a small grow box. Results were not great to be honest. Grow space was quite small and I think plants would have benefited from pruning and trimming. When I try this again i will grow just one plant. The buds were very tiny and a lot of the plant experienced light burn from the overcrowding and closeness to the grow lights. I am starting to see mold form at the very base of the stem. I just finished a 2 week flush. I was curious if there would be any benefit to let them keep going a little longer and see if the buds plump up at all or should I just chop them and call it a day? I hope to do better next time. Any advice would be appreciated!

They look like they’ve got a ways to go. How long ago did you go to 12/12? I know you said 13 weeks but how much of that is since the light flip?

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Seeing they were auto flowering I never had to switch it to a 12/12 light cycle. They have been on 19 hrs of light, 5 hours of darkness during the whole grow cycle.

There are lots of white pistils. If you can stand to wait longer your plants have several weeks to go. If you feel desperate to ease over crowding you could try some selective harvesting. Prune your plant and smoke the buds, let the rest of the plant go longer.

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Oh I see it, missed it the first time. So since auto the more appropriate question would be what week did it start flowering?