13 days in first time wedding cake auto

Just wanted to drop in and get some pointers. This is my first time ever doing this. Just wanted to share and see what y’all think. Wedding cake auto flower from ILGM. Substraight is a 2 gallon grow kit from A Pot for Pot
KINGled 1500w veg/bloom light
AC finity 4’x3’x6’10” tent
4” inline ac finity fan with Aussie charcoal filter
Got it in room with no windows. Like a pantry/laundry room. 1 central heat and A/C vent.
Humidity running between 50-65%
Temp between 75°-87°
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Nice and healthy looking Growmie :love_you_gesture:


She looks great. Best thing I can say is stay on top of the wet/dry cycle (waiting til the upper coco medium is fairly [but not bone] dry before watering) and she’ll reward you.

If you wanted to do any training, such as Lst, a fim, or a top, you can start thinking about your approach now and do it in a few days to a week, depending on how much time she spends now laying down her root structure.


I’ve been misting it once in the morning and once at night before bed. And watering every other day to every three days. Like half a shot glass or so at each watering (not mist). I’ll post another picture when I turn her lights back in. She’s double in size since this photo. Looking beautiful as far as I can see. I really appreciate the replies and support!!! Looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone! Happy growing growmies

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I’m really interested in LST!!! Seems kind of easy but I would much rather have some guidance on that for sure!

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It is very simple. Just find a way to weigh the plant down to one side, or weigh down the branches outward like a starfish. Some people use binder clips to clip the plants to the outside of their pots, some people use garden stakes, some people use rubber coated plant wire. Pipe cleaners, twist ties, twine, etc. It all works!


Oh ok. I’ve got 90% of that stuff here. Should I wait a little longer to do it. Stem is probably 3” tall from soil to the little round leaves. (I’m drawing a blank. I know it starts with a C) lol

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You can move it now, never too early to train! In my opinion anyway. :rofl:


Okay and it will continuing growing up? The the top now but come out the side of that makes sense? Can do like a pull to the side LST multiple and starfish it or is it a one time thing per plant? I really appreciate your help Graysin!!

Here’s a photo from today. Definitely growing out but not too much vertical growth yet. Are the fox farm nutes pretty good? I was gonna get the kit that comes with three or four different bottles

Yeah. I usually start by going sideways, then as she gets bigger starfish her to maximize the light the branches all get.

Honestly no. Fox farms is generally not growers choice around here. It’s high in stuff that creates salt buildup (not table salt but fertilizer salt), which means your plant stops eating and gets unhappy. I used the FF nutes for one grow and threw them out.

Look into Jack’s nutrients by JR Peters. It’s called Jacks 3-2-1 here (3 parts part A, 2 parts Part B, 1 part Epsom salt) and contains everything that the plant needs from seed to harvest.

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You’re awesome thank you so much!!! I’ll keep you posted with the LST and stuff. Been researching the crap out of this for a couple months for personal use. I’m a wounded combat vet and it definitely helps take the edge off. Experimenting with different strains. This is the first one recommended to me so I’m starting there. I’m eager as hell watching this thing grow. Blows my mind how fast she’s changing. Every time I open the tent to turn lights back she’s brown some. It’s insane. I’m hooked. Been growing veggies and stuff for a number of years but this is different and intimidating as hell. Thank you again!

Any time. Tag me as your grow progresses or any time you have a question (just type @ and then my name) like @Graysin

I’ll help where I can and if I don’t know it, I’ll grab someone who should

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How do y’all feel about neem oil and dish soap? It came in my pot for pot kit. Wasn’t sure how you fellow growmies felt about it and wanted to get some opinions on it. Thanks yall

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Both fine in veg, would not use Neem in flower ever, dish soap only in a pinch. Capt Jacks Dead Bug for flowering pest removal.

You think I need to worry about pests with indoor and completely secluded from everyone and everything. Also autos I’ve heard are resistant to them. Not even sure what the two are for. Haven’t seen anything on it. Came with the kit though like I said so I knew it had a purpose. Lol so first sign of flower stop using it. Do you water with it every time you water or every other, etc…? Thank you graysin

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Yes. Always worry about pests. They’re microscopic often times and by the time you can see them, they’re infested to a point of being incredibly difficult to get rid of. I have fungus gnats and have been fighting them for about 4 months now. I’ve managed to reduce the population enough that they’re no longer destroying my plants, but they did a good bit of damage along the way. Still no real clue as to how they got in, except maybe hitchhiked on my clothes from outside.

@JaneQP had a similar issue with spider mites.

It’s a spray-on, not a root drench. Dilute Neem with some water (if they gave you pure Neem oil - im not sure how it comes, I never used P4P). Same thing with the dish soap - 3-5 drops in a spray bottle with water is plenty. I would spray once a week when the lights go off just as a preventative measure, if you feel so compelled. It’s probably good to be preventing rather than reacting.

Edit to add: @Fiz did you have Neem oil in your pot for pot setup?


I did not - because I didn’t buy the full kit, just the “refills”. I believe @Twelve1 may have bought the full kit?

I bought a neem oil spray from the fine folk who make CJDB.


Hi @Jonesy287 . Yes, I bought the full p4p kit, so I mixed up the neem and dish soap in a spray bottle. Like Graysin said and per the instructions, spray the plant once a week after lights out, only in veg. It’s a preventative thing. Many folks use the CJDB, it’s good to use if/when you need it.

I’ve also had fungus gnats. If you get those, a product called Mosquito Bits helps with that, along with sprinkling a small amount of food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) on top of the soil.

Thank you for serving our country! Congrats on growing weed, and your plant looks good. Weed certainly helps with so many ailments!


Just my experience the DE becomes a hard shell on the soil when you water.

I follow @MeEasy ’s recipe of soaking the mosquito bits in warm water for 24 hours, filter and water the plants. Killed my aphids. Also apply to anty houseplants you may have.