13.2 weeks, 93 days no Amber!?

ILGM Super Skunk Auto.
Very low smell.

Leaves yellowed curled
Pistols all dark
Trichomes cloudy.
We’re flushed to 200 ppm
pH r/o normal
Thoughts on harvesting these two girls.

It’s going to happen and it will probably happens all at once give them ice baths and reduce the light time by 30 minutes in the mourning and night that should make your plants get the lead out


93 days from germ to mostly cloudy.?
sounds fast to me.!! lol

sounds like u have another week or 2 to go,
cut the Nitrogen out or as little as u can give and keep feeding her at 0.4 - 0.8 EC (200-400 ppm)
be careful not to over-water, she is gonna start drinking less.!

like Thc said, cutting her down to 10-11 hrs of lights on might speed her up…???

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