126 day zkittlez auto beast mode

Hey y’all, this plant did not go into veg with my other 4 plants. So I had to induce 12/12 lighting instead of 20/4. With that said, this plant did not show any kind of flowering until about say 100. So In theory… I think she has at least 3 more weeks.

I think the flowers are going to really bulk up, beast mode.


Damn, what a plant. All bud. It is going to be a beast. Already is.


thanaks dude… labor of love… you have to set up the timing with your sleep pattern… so your always on point for taking in and out of light~

Great looking plant… great growing :bat: :rofl:

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I’m glad someone else has a freak auto. @Kozmoz
I have a BB auto at 100 days

It’s a freak all right… I’ll keep you updated

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Here’s mine at 98 days, missed by 2 days
But she is still a good ways off.

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Jeeze. Nice plant @Kozmoz .

132 days zkittlez… I think she has 2 more weeks … It’s a auto that didn’t change, so I did 12/12 lighting

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This plant had tons and tons of veg, that I had to closely trim so much of the faded leaves , because you could even see the buds

Budzilla there…wow great plant greaat growing :bat: :rofl:

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