1200 watts philzon led for 4x2x5 to much power?

Wondering if this is two much jam for one tent ?

No not to much at all. More is better

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That light pulls 305 true watts. So yes it is fine for your tent with 1 plant. 2 x 4 tent should have 450 true watts You could also go with two of their 900 w series.

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Getting good deal on one just like mine and willing to double up, I’m just doing SOG in 2 gallon pots 12/12

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@Sutton pictures or it never happened! ^^^



I was just kidding, but hey, there they are. All are looking good @Sutton


Hell yeah @Sutton! I’m a fan of SOG grows and not a lot of people run them on here. Will be following along :v::bear:


Actually it may be a little short for what you want to do. It’s recommended to have 50W per sq foot for your grow. The actual watts of that 1200w Philzon is only 302watts. You gotta go with actual watts pulled from wall.

:So the Math…4x2 tent = 8sq ft

:For 8sq ft grow you need somewhere around 400watts which is the 50watss per sq ft. I personally like to be closer to 60 hoping for tighter buds.

I currently have a 1200w (302w actual) in my 2x2x4 tent with a 300w (70w actual) both side by side, I’d would double the 1200w light if I were you.


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Demar, how do you like the 2X2X4 tent? I have a small space to work with, was hopping this size would do the trick. Are you also limited on space?

Yeah I have nearly no space except what the tent is in, If I were to try anything bigger it would have to be 2x2x6. I like it so far, this is my first grow to harvest and I’m at day 48. As long you are ok with doing like 1 plant at a time, like me, then yeah works fine! You could more than likely pull off doing 1 full plant, then stagger a clone off to the side. That way you can start a rotation and always have one growing. I like mine man :slight_smile: small enough I can remove the carbon filter put a black sheet over the whole things and use it as a shelf.


I like it!
I am with you, I barley have the room for the 2X2X4, but I will make it work. My plans are to use the tent with just one and scrog it. It will be enough for me to work with for a few months.

About the using it as a shelf, are the poles that sturdy to do so?

one more question, if you clone the plant… or have 2 plants at different stages, how do you work your lights? What is your take on that part?

thanks for your time and input!

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I have had my tent 2 years, after the first year I realized I wanted more study cross rail’s for the ( They supply 2 ).
I purchased 2 curtain rods that would span the 2 foot and then cut them to size and bent them in place. Now I have 4 cross rails on top :slight_smile:

Far as the clones, if your growing Auto’s 18-6 or 12-12 light don’t matter and if you got good lights they will be good enough to feed the plant and clone, even if ya gota set the clone up on something.

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My 2x2x4 used to be on my side of the master closet and was there for a few years before I moved it out of the bedroom and into the garage with the rest of my tents. Wife is happy haha :v::bear: