12 days old and seem to have really slowed growth

Hi there I’m a new grower and I need some help. My plants are 12 days old and seem to have really slowed growth. The bottom rounded leaves are yellow an look crispy, I’m using 400wmh light but it’s at about 2ft away. At first I started with peat pots and now they are in 3 gallon pots. If anyone can help will be much appreciated.

We could use a lot more information. How are you growing your plants? It might be a nutrient problem, too strong or not enough, or it could be a pH problem, pH can make nutrients unavailable or in some cases too available and creates a toxicity. A EC/TDS/PPM reading and a reading of the pH, of the media you are growing in, the water you are watering it with and the nutrient mixture you feed it with are all important. Soil needs to have a pH of 6.5 and Hydro is at 5.8.

Check out the support ticket questions and answer them as well and maybe with the additional information we can figure out if you have a problem or not.


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Thanks for the reply. I’m using fox farm soil ocean forest and watering with tap water. I haven’t used any frets yet but I did order them waiting on shipping should be another couple days. I have been watering every couple of days, the soil on top seems to dry out quick but a few inches deep feels damp, not sure if I should water more. I’m having trouble posting pics for some reason

Again, we could know what is in your tap water. Almost always tap water is about 7.0 to 7.5 or maybe slightly higher, this is a bit too high for cannabis. Also if you have “hard water”, the natural occurring minerals in hard tap water is not good for watering your plants in many cases, it will build up in your soil, just like lime scale builds up on your faucets, and this will make your pH way too alkali.

We could also know what the EC or TDS is in your tap water to get an idea of the PPM or Parts Per Million of Total Dissolved Solids in your tap water. If it is significantly above 50 parts per million, it is probably too high and you’ll have problems, especially in the longer run.

In something like fox farm soil you want about a 6.5 pH, almost just like soil. About 6.2-6.5 is probably near ideal.

You might also be over-watering. You do not want the soil to stay wet all the time. Cannabis roots like lots of oxygen, they need an airy soil, not much different than cactus roots.


Do your 3 gallon pots drain well?

The way you should be watering, is watering the soil to full saturation at first. Then do not water again until the soil has nearly totally dried out. The best way to judge this is get used to the feel of the container heavy with fully saturated watered soil and then how light it feels with nearly totally dry soil. So don’t water again until the container and plant feel very, very light. This flood and then nearly dry process is very beneficial to the cannabis root development.


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Okay I will have to get a ph tester but in the meantime is it better using steam distilled baby water?
Pots have plenty of holes in them and I will try the wet and dry weight technique.
Also should I start using the fox farm nutes as soon as they come? And what dosage?

Be sure to get a TDS meter also.


And yes, distilled or equivalent nearly zero PPM water from a grocery store or such is a good idea.


Okay thanks for the links.
I will post with updates.
P.s I really wanna show u what they look like now but having trouble with pics

I don’t use fox farm, but as I understand it, it might be too strong nutrient wise for a plant so small.

You usually start seedlings in a nearly nutrient free “starter” mix or soil. Then when it has developed quite a few more nodes and full sets of leaves, this is when you would transplant it into a bigger container with the fully loaded nutrient rich soil. The small “round”, sometimes called – embryonic leaves, or cotyledons – these can almost be thought of as the egg yolk in an egg, it gives the young developing organism all its starting nutrients to become a more “developed” organism, more ready to face the world on its own.

And this little seedling does look too undeveloped to be getting too strong of nutrients, and the yellowing at the tippy tips is an indicator of nutrient burn.


Do you think it’s too late to transplant into different soil to avoid further burn, and if it’s not does it make sense to do it?
Or is flushing possible?

I got strawberry kush from ILGM they are two weeks after germination, can anyone assist me on my next move to prevent further damage

Using fox farm soil with no added nutrients in a 3 gallon pot and 400w light 25 inches away 18/6 on/off high 82 f low 73 f
The leaves are growing slow but the stem doesn’t look like it’s getting taller, and the embryonic leaves have gotten really yellow and dry.

The leaves do look like maybe nute burn. I think someone did do simialr to what you had done, and they did have some success transplanting their seeds to a milder seedling soil right away.


I do not understand why you transplanted 12 day old seedlings to 3 gallon buckets. 400w Light should be 32" - 35" above plants; At least. Fox Farm Organic soil is too hot for 12 day old seedlings.