12 days of Xmas Prize code issues


No need to be sorry. Thanks again for helping out! You have both been a tremendous help in getting this resolved.


Quick learner Hogmaster


If you continue to have issues; Reply to original code message with your email, name, and address. Once order is made; You will be sent a confirmation and a balance to pay. (If I make order)

hope all can read this. Some members have had no issue once they edited the code as directed. I am here to help! lw :+1:


Thank you @bob31.
Besides, you know I can’t reveal “all” my secrets! Rofl. :v: Peace :sunglasses:


Thank you ILGM and all the people who helped and made it happen. Mine worked. I tried the 2 dashes thing as suggested one more time and it went threw.
Used towards some Afghan Kush


I also got mine to work by changing the dashes. Fruity mix pack is in the way! Thanks @latewood for all your help.


Update: fruity mix pack in the mailbox tonight! Thank you again I❤GM!


My 20 count of SSH should be here any day now!! Thank you ILGM


Any day my banana kush & skywalker will be showing up.
Cant thank yall enough for Everything! Its an all in one experience! I can buy fantastic genetically awesome seeds, get advice on how to groe & support from fellow growers


I got my seeds too - critical mass - woo hoo! Thanks @latewood and ILGM - this was a super contest and much appreciated. Just waiting on the plant protector I ordered with it, it was circled on the invoice so I am assuming it’s just backordered. Now I have to figure out when I can start them. My daughter’s wedding is 6/23 so I don’t think I’m doing an outside grow this year as there will be too many people roaming about.


Congrats @AnneBonny my 20 SSH came Monday!!!


Yippee! My skywalker & banana kush came today. Perfect timing!! My crystal girls should be ready soon. Biggest problem what to grow next? Ill never be able to thank ILGM & @latewood enough! Yall have helped me evolve into that “cool lil old lady” enjoying all of lifes moments, good & bad. Rodi, plz stay , youre a cool lady & would love to see more of ya here. I understand your feelings were hurt , not intentionally, & i also see latewood chasing all the inmates here, with bom & normal mentoring here.


Congrats @Laurap

Yes @rodri59 as I mentioned in another post, use the private message you originally got from latewood. He can provide you individualized assistance that way.

Thanks again Robert Bergman and ILGM