12 days of Xmas Prize code issues


I think @rodri59 is the only one but her code seems to works it’s seems to be a split payment issue?


Thanks for the awesome explanation @Screwauger
After reading your post I went back one more time to try and it worked :sunglasses:


Your welcome @70sChick

I pulled the lever on 10 plus 10 SSH fems. In process.


Nope, not working - well, it works…I think it just tells me my cart does not meet the requirements of the discount code. Whatever that means


Todays my day off & i enjoy my days off! So after i went back and reread how to put in code it worked. Proceeded to have a congrats bowl, then a thank you bowl, then a bowl for , ughhhhh something, then food then bowl to replace cigs then bowl i used to have after a cig.
See why i need seeds?


@rodri59 did you change the second “dash” to two “dashes” so it would show Xmas-12-- plus the other numbers Xmas with one dash 12 with two dashes ? It worked when I did that and I went over the 99.00. Unless u have something in you’re cart that’s no longer "on sale " that should work for you


@70sChick I have tried everything. Yes added the double dashes and that is when the message went from “code not valid” (or whatever it said) to "Cart does not meet the requirements of the discount code’.

I have emptied the cart, added different things, started over with the original picks…nada. I still get the Does not meet requirements of the code. Yup done it all.


So sorry you keep having trouble. I’m sure ilgm will get that fixed asap


Thank you very much for everything! You and this website have inspired me to do better every grow. Thank you for this contest and the prize! I know for myself this is a pretty significant life-changing award. I’m sure it is for other people too.
Yes I believe my gold leaf beans are in the air and heading to me as we speak according to an email I got a week ago.
Thanks for everything and once again I love this site and the people who run it and the people in The Forum. You guys make this what it is! Thank you for EVERYTHING!


Hey buddy just read this and tried to use mine, sorry it didnt work! My cart is to that point of check out.
I tried a few things. Cut n past. I re-typed it. I put the dashs in…


@Familyman420. Did you try this way?

change the second “dash” to two “dashes” so it would show Xmas-12-- plus the other numbers Xmas with one dash 12 with two dashes


hmm?? Give me a sec… Thanks


@LovBudz how do you know so much about these codes? Thanks for helping out!

Any luck @Familyman420


Upthread these instructions were provided by latewood @bob31

Yeah @Familyman420 any luck?


No luck yet sorry to be a pain in the butt.
On an up note im uaing it for 10×afgankush fem.



Refer to post 1 linked below and follow the PM directions to latewood starting with “reply to the PM…”

Is there anyone else that hasn’t gotten their order to go thru? If so do the same thing that latewood requested in post 1. He will help you get it resolved one on one.


I was only repeating what @70sChick said worked. That’s all I know. @bob31 Sorry


Hmm sounds a little off ??? @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


Yes. When you insert code and click apply, the balance should be reduced by 99 bucks.

If you continue to have issues; Reply to original code message with your email, name, and address. Once order is made; You will be sent a confirmation and a balance to pay. (If I make order)

hope all can read this. Some members have had no issue once they edited the code as directed. I am here to help! lw


Go read the list in the original topic