12 days of Xmas Prize code issues


I think I see the issue.

When I copy paste the code I see 2 dashes before the number code.

When I post the code it shows as one long dash instead of 2.

Everyone try this:

Paste your code and make sure there is – in front of number. Like this
Xmas-12–024de348x0x8 ((You may have to edit the code once pasted in the discount window)) . Not sure why our font is causing this… Code worked for Robert, though…???

If this does not work; Reply to the PM I sent you with your order, name, address, and email.

I will try to post the order for you just like I do for the BOM prize winners. You will receive a order confirmation number if code goes through. If you go over 99 bucks there will be a balance to be paid off.

Good Luck. I am back from my short vacation (really was just stuck in the house freezing for a few days.) Np picnic…

Let me know what happens here, but do not post private info here. Post that in message. I need all who need help to post here. Original topic is too long to scroll down every time. Thanks, lw

The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest

@Screwauger @Laurap


@latewood ty sir! My code worked, just had to edit like you said.
Xmas-#- -##########. just make sure to take out the long dash and put 2 small dashes and it seems like


Cool Beans!!! I thought I was going to have to rip my hair ut over this one

Velcro down…7 to go.

I assume all GoldLeaf winner codes worked???


I believe so.


@latewood i hear ya! I copied and pasted and changed the long dash to 2 small ones, but once it posted, the dash went back to 1! In my edit i added a space between the dashes to be visible, but when entering in discount box, no space needed!


Okay, I think it is working with the 2 dashes in place of the one long dash…BUT, now I am getting a message that says:

Your cart does not meet the requirements for the XMAS-12–xxxxxxxxxxxx discount code

Can I not order more than $99 and just credit card the difference? @latewood



It works!!! Thank you @latewood @Bogleg @VelcroThumb

Had trouble at first but velcro’s further explanation helped me figure it out.

Paste the code from Latewood then put your cursor in front of the long Number/Letter code. Hit backspace then two dashes.


Xmas-17–987xxxdd214 becomes Xmas-17–987xxxdd214 It appears there is only one dash between the 17 and the long code but it’s actually two dashes.


@rodri59 it should. It did on mine


well then, sigh. I don’t know what else to do about to give up altogether…


try deleting everything out of your cart and starting over @rodri59


Thanks @bob31 will try


ok kiddo! Fingers crossed! @rodri59


another sigh…nope.


Woo Hoo! Success! @latewood Thank you, thank you, thank you. Going through round two of this freaking cough and cold myself so appreciate you getting it resolved while not feeling well and dealing with your other issues on top of it.

@rodri59 mine was over and it took my other form of payment after without an issue.


We got it! Thanks @latewood. Feel better soon My friend.


Never did hear who the winner’s were… ?

:v: :sunglasses:


FINALLY! I got it to work! Whoo hooo


Yippee, it worked. Thanks @latewood


So is that everyone? Did @rodri59 ever get her code to work?