12 days flower. Mottled leaves

Hi there…

FLOWERING: Just a quick question re mottled leaves 12 days into flowering.
I’ve checked the net and am still unsure.
Only 4 leaves seem to be affected.
I’m just about to test pH. Up until now the water has been 6.5-7.

Should I be overly concerned?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Started adding potash liquid 2 weeks prior to flowering.

i wouldnt worry about it. maybe there was some stress when those leaves are developing. just my 2 cents

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Not positive but looks like you could give it a dose of calmag and pk. Hopefully someone who is positive will come along and confirm that

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Maybe you’ve developed variagated marijuana and you’ll be rich.


are there any other leaves on her that look like that?

Not really. Only 4 on one cola.

I had that in the begining of my flowering now its even worse found some little things flying around found out they are called white flies i spray the hell out of my plants with neem oil now and keep my humidity down temp down and good circulation

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