12 day old Seedlings turning yellow

Hi, I have 12 day old seedlings under Vivosun 1000 LED lights in a grow tent. The leaves on the seedlings are turning yellow and they don’t seem to be growing.

I found from the forum that I should not have the light on for more than 18 hours per day so I’ve changed that.

How far from the light should my seedlings be? Right now I have them very close as the light runs very cool but am I stressing them?

I squirt my seedlings with water twice a day. Am I over watering them? I’m thinking I need to create some domes because the humidity is running about 45% and I may be over watering the soil.

Any advice?

Welcome to the community :grinning:. You should put a dome on it and spray the inside of the dome with water. Seedlings need higher humidity than 45% but they don’t need very much water until they have established a root system. What are the temps in your tent? Pictures would help a lot to be able to help you. Your light can be on 24 hours a day, I don’t do that but some do. I start out with 18/6 with photos and go to 12/12 when I am ready for them to start flowering. :grinning: :v: Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you want.

Seedlings need very little light to grow at first. Most recommend keeping your light 12-16 inches away from the tops of the plant but if you have a dimmer knob you can put them right under the light at the lowest setting. Your temp should be 70-80 and humidity pretty close to the same. At least in the 60s. Most people will use a dome to bring the humidity up. I start my seedlings on 18/6 and have ran 24/0 before no problems most just run 18/6 to conserve energy and ive also heard that roots grow better during night cycle?

Sounds like over watering but i could be wrong

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Highly recommend this. I use half a 2L juice bottle.

Sounds like you over watered and gave them root rot… i water my seedlings maybe 2-3 times in their 1st 12 days of life and transplant on day 14 where they get watered in… that’s it

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Here are some photos of my seedlings. I haven’t watered them in a couple days and I’ve put domes over them.

The temperature is running 78 - 80 degrees

Humidity is low, only 45% - 48%