12 day old seedling..looking ok or to slow?

My seedling sprouted 12 days ago and I’m concerned it’s growing to slow. Started with pot for pot peet pellet and transplanted around day 9-10 like instructions say. Spider farmer 1000 led light at 80% 24in above plant. Superb soil bottom half with coco topsoil mix exactly done per instructions. Help!


Looks good. Be careful not to overwater.

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Just as @MidwestGuy said plant is looking fine so far and with as big of a pot you started her in she may take a little while to see vertical growth and she is going to focus on getting them roots branched out and set then you will start to see more vertical growth

Thank you
Watering is my biggest concern. Any suggestions? I wait until top 2 inches or so is dry and then I water. Takes about 2-3 days before it dries out again.

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I do not water until runoff. Don’t know if that good

A plant that size doesn’t need much water. It will use a couple ml a day at most.

At this point it is probably good to to water lightly in a circle around the plant a few inches out away from the base of them main stem. This will encourage the plant to stretch its roots out to search for water.


Will do thanks for advice. I keep RH at 60-65 Temp at 72-76 lights on 63-67 lights off. That’s good at this stage?

Love what people are saying on here! Cute seedling!! A baby seedling doesn’t need much water. In fact, overwatering is the most common problem for new growers. Cannabis prefers drier soil and she likes her soil to dry out between waterings. She did originate in the high desert after all! :cactus:

Once you’ve transplanted, use the weight method in your Grow Guide’s Pro Tip to determine when to water. Add water to maintain about 1/3 of what the pot weighed when it was fully soaked when you set it up. This is the method professional growers use. That’s why you see them always picking up their pots when they walk through their grow, so that they develop an intuitive sense of what their pots should weigh, and when they need water.

Through practice, you’ll gain the same intuition about your pot. As your plant grows bigger and goes into flowering, it will drink more water, and you’ll notice your pot drying out and getting lighter faster. Learning your plant and connecting with it in this and many other ways is part of the fun of growing. But while you’re learning, when in doubt, water less. Correcting an under watered plant is way easier than an overwatered plant, and most new growers overestimate how much their plant drinks.

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I thinks she needs food.

Checked on her this morning leaves seemed to be really curled up. I have not watered in a couple days since I watered about 1 1/2 cups before I was warned she only drinks a couple ml a day. I always let the top couple inches dry before watering. First ever grow but I’m trying my best. Hope she rebounds with no harm. Do you think the curling is due to something else besides overwater?

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Spider farmer sf1000 led light at 70% power hung at about 25 inches from the top of her. The temp 72-75 lights on with rh 55-65. Lights off temp 63-68 rh 60-70.

Never mentioned ventilation. I have 4in ac infinity exhaust fan with forced intake with 4 inch pipe coming from outside tent in basement. Also have a small double fan blowing lightly on the fabric pot so the roots get some airflow. I will take pic of setup when I get home and maybe I’m doing something wrong there. Thanks guys!

Well it been about 5-6 days since the last watering and it dried out pretty good before I watered again at lights on yesterday. My girl seemed to bounce back pretty good. Hopefully I could maintain a good watering schedule


Looking good!! Watering is intimidating at first. Get a feel of the pot before you water it and you’ll see a clear difference in weight compared to after you water. It’ll give you a general idea when to water. Let it dry out pretty good too each time. Get those roots spreading searching for water and when you do water right now try and water the soil from the leaves out to the edge of the pot. My first grow was in a Pot for Pot kit. Watering was my biggest (and alot of other beginners) learning curve early on.

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4 weeks old tomorrow! I think I’m getting control of watering issues. Feedback welcome!


Doing great! Right before you water it next time, pick it up and get a feel for the dry weight and then again after to feel the difference. It’ll the the guess work out of watering.

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Looks awesome better than 3 plants. Jus bought a grow light, hoping it will improve

Well a little over 5 weeks old since sprout and no signs of preflowering yet. I’ve been giving ff grow big and big bloom every other watering with cal mag on off watering. I’ve read to give veg nutes till at least the first week of flowering and then switch to bloom nutes. So I guess my question is should I switch to bloom nutes or continue with veg considering it’s an auto and should be starting to flower by now?


Looks like she’s about to start flowering. You’re close.

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Beautiful plant! :star_struck: What’s the strain? :face_with_monocle:

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