12/12 or 11/13 for flower

a while back I started to use 11/13 in in stead of 12/12 REASON - it take 13 / 13.5 hrs for the plant to start to flower (science backs this up and many breaders say the same) in doing this it shorten preflower and when growing sativa’s , they grow faster -------------- all I can say us try it 0 it will not hurt the plant and you will see the difference


@steve2 I haven’t personally tried 11/13 but I do know there is a science behind it. It’s basically the same science behind the two days of dark before harvest. I’d be interested to see pics and your thoughts on how it worked for you.

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Yes there is “it take 13-13.5 hrs of darkness to/for the plant to induce bud development”

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I run 11/13 always and if I get any foxtailing I go back to 10-14

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I have noticed when using 11/13 the plant’s per-flower/transition stage is shortened - compared to 12/12 Thanks for the heads up with 10/14

Yeah I am doing a second pick off the one crop atm and I always keep it on 10 after 8-9 weeks it keeps them going and growing gotta watch some strains the top buds can get a few extra bud leaves but doesn’t affect the quality in the slightest
I run gavita pro e series 750 watt lights set at 600 but they throw off so much light they foxtail on the 12/12 cycle but on the 11/13 99% of the time it never happens

And if I do a second pick off the one crop as soon as I am getting ready to harvest the first time I’ll drop it back to 10/14 a day or two before. I hope that helps

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Thanks !!! from now on it’s 11/13 and then the last two weeks 10/14 – can see were it will make a difference !!!