12/12 male when you do and dont

Do you not 12/12 male unless you want to pollinate female for seeds?? Soon ill have only females and just not worry about all that.

Kinda confusing for us newbies wanting to go pro!

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I have a 3’ super healthy male that smells really good, and can smell from rooms away.

Most likely already contaminated if the pollen sacs are there. I dont take any chances as soon as I see any signs of a male I pull it and destroy it. You only keep a male if you want to pollinate your females to get seeds


Don’t try to go pro, get the basics first :wink:

Your male will start producing pollen as soon as he’s sexualy mature. If you know you have males that already happened.

Some picture would help.

Pic tomorrow. Pro was just a figure of speech. More legit ID say then. Great to have ilgm peeps around. Passionate folks for sure.

The ph thing is high on my list to get a handle on.

Doesn’t have to be perfect bounce between 6.1 and 6.8 and you’ll be fine. Technically anything 5.5 to 7.5 and it will survive but won’t uptake nutes to well lmaoo optimum is 6.5 for soil but sometimes I go lower sometimes I go higher to get an all around good ph so I know all the nutes are getting sucked up

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@Dieselgrow1031 hat medium do you grow in?

Me or him? I use soil. I assume as a beginner that he does too. I dont like hydro. And never bothered with coco. Just using the kiss method keeping it simple whatever works. Its been working its gunna continue to work lol


Black gold all purpose for now. But I meant a handle on easiest way to test ph, and control it. Haven’t had time to delve into researching that yet. 24/7 work mode lately😕

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Ph pen. Can test before it goes in adjust to ehat u want then you can twst the run off after it goes through the soil and you can do a slurry test. You’ll have your ph on lock. Also get ppm pen that tell you how much nutes you have in your water and how much is in your soil with the run off testt. Ph and ppm go hand in hand. Cant have one without the other.


Know your tap waters ph after 24h sitting… If above 7 (probably) buy ph down adjust like @Dieselgrow1031 said, if below 5 (not probable) buy ph up and adjust as mentioned.
learn how much ph up or down you need, to get in the range for the amount of water of whatever recipient you use

Buy both ph up and down. Lol always have both

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using rain water and or spring water past month

Outdoor plant i was referring to. Covered in pollen from outdoors. Big time pollen factor here now

And the indoor one that’s same age, but still no signs of sex. To me anyways

Internode length is one thing you really want to judge males by, and this one looks like a fiber producer. It would get culled for that reason if it was me.

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Never used ph up :man_shrugging:

I have not. Getting a pen etc today. These plants were just trial, guinea pigs with little to no tech. Once they started doing well, is when I recently decided I would like to get back into it, and start educating myself and gathering legit equipment. Work in progress! Ilgm was a great start info wise. Tents, lights, exhaust all still trying to decide. Ordering seeds next couple days, so kinda in a holding pattern rite now. The one indoor I have, definitely trying to treat best I can with what I got. I think it looks good? Outdoor male, whatever happens happens.