12/12 Light Schedule Screw Up - Impact?

I flipped to 12/12 on June 1. Last night I left one of the tent lights on during what would have been the 12 hours of darkness. Today is also the first day I can identify pistils. Any Idea what the impact of this error will be?

You should be fine, just make sure you keep it on schedule from now on…


I did that but it was a dodgy timer. Keep an eye out for nanners. I was lucky and had none but on previous grows I had plants hermie on me because of a red light from a heater so I think it boils down to genetics. Check your crop closely for any signs over the next day or two. You will spot them and you will get good at spotting them as well. Could be one plant, might be none or it could be them all. Good luck with it :sunglasses:

I am hoping because it is the beginning of flower and one time, they will not be too distressed or be thrown off schedule. Time will tell. I will keep an eye out for those bad boys.

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