12/12 from sprout to harvest


Anyone read up on this method?
I’m trying it now
Using Mars Hydro 600
3x3x6.0 tent
4 inch fan vent to attic
Fox farm trio
Bag seed

Not expecting much but learning experience


Use 18/6 light cycle for veg and 12/12 for flower

Here are the stages of growth:

Germination stage -1-2 weeks (generally 7-10 days)
Seedling stage – 1-2 weeks
Vegation stage – 1-3 mo’s ( 60 days being the norm)
Pre-flower stage – 1-2 weeks
Flower stage —2-4 mo’s (60 days being the norm) (depends on strain indica or sativa)

The equipment you have will work great !! happy cultivation


You miss understand I’ve been growing that way just trying the other methods last grow I scrog grow got over five oz. Like I said this is a test only, outcome isn’t the issue just the experience and knowledge lol


Sorry !!!


I’m sorry didn’t mean any offense


29 days from planting


I know that - Hey ; great looking plant for it’s age