12/12 From Seed Works Really Well


This is my second try at 12/12 from seed. Three of the plants are at day 76 from seed and they should be ready within a week. The tallest plant was a slow starter, it is on day 67. It started 9 days later but sure has shot up. The 2 on the right are Super Skunk the 2 on the left are Big Devil. I decided to try it so I can start new seeds in the same grow room. I can start new seeds a month before the flowering plants finish which would speed up each grow. So far I’m really happy with the results


interesting I like the results though suspect they would be quite similar with a 18/6 veg just wondering what your comparison is if you tried conventional photo periods first?


I can see the merrits of this when starting from seed power use root increase not very practical with clones unless going SOG


I don’t have anything to compare this grow. But I do on my first attempt at 12/12. It was white Widow. Doing 3 weeks as seedlings and 4 weeks veg, then flowering I got Average 2.25 oz per plant. Then 12/12 from seed I got average 1.75 oz per plant. 12/12 finished about 4 weeks sooner than the regular grow. Not too bad at all.


Good Growin @jaxn! I love 12/12 from seed! Been doing it for a while with good results. For personal meds it’s alot of fun. Your plants are a great example of what can be accomplished.