11X11X8 bedroom plus 7X3X10 closet. How should I design my room?


I have an open bedroom and closet available for a grow area. Below is what I have available for grow equipment:

  1. 1000w HPS with Hydrofarm Raptor 8" Dual Hood,
  2. Mars-Hydro LED. Pulls roughly 550 watts from wall.
  3. Mars-Hydro LED. Pulls 210 watts from wall
  4. 8" Exhaust Fan
  5. 4" Exhaust Fan
  6. Single Hose Portable AC
  7. Oscillating Fans.
  8. Coco in Smart Pots.

My main question is how to design the room with what I have. Do I need to divide the room with something such as Panda FIlm, or can I just grow with the lights I have without splitting the room? hould I just flower in the closet that has 10 foot ceilings? Will this hurt my growth if the plants are not in a smaller sealed area and grown in a larger room where the whole room is not being occupied? Hope this makes sense.

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Consider your lighting footprint how much of a flowering footprint can your lights reasonably sustain. Once you know the footprint they can handle then you will know what your room should look like. I would add some panda film to help restrict light loss into unused space as a temporary solution until you catch the more plants bug and need to buy extra lights and pots


You didn’t say how efficient your fans are, but consider this: Your rooms are 968 and 210 cubic feet. I don’t think you have enough cfm of air replacement.

Do you plan having a perpetual crop cycle or do you plan to keep all plants on the same veg and flower schedule? How many plants do you plan on growing, are you looking for some big 'ol pound yielders that you have to veg for a couple months, or do you want to do a butt load of small one ouncers that you only veg for a month?

Adding any kind of reflective material to reflect light and reduce loss is always a good idea.

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@Kalverra has some good questions about what direction you plan on going. You many options with a big room like that with a closet too, closet for a mother and clones maybe

Your best bet us a corner of the room, make sure you find a solid stud for the lights to hang, and see how big(height/width) your plants can get. I started off with 7 seedlings in cups in a shoe box. Now I’ve sealed off a 5L x 6w x 7h with Mylar paper, a 300w LED FSpec light(600w will be setup in the morning). Its all about the amount of plants you want to start with and the space they will need. Its early but also factor in you will need space for the buds to cure
Had my light hanging on a screw from the wall

This was stage two while waiting for the rest of the equipment. I used an old rolling drawer just to get some reflective light lol

This was taken yesterday in the morning, they are about a month here. Going to line the floors tomorrow.

I dont need anything more than a a little clip fan and a humidifier. My old office has a crazy draft(that I used to hate. But now I enjoy) I have small heater that’s stays between 70-80°f, any higher than 80° and it turns off until temp cools down

if u r growing auto’s or u switch all lights to 12/12 at the same time an open room will be fine,
for a perpetual grow with veg and flower lights then the flower room must be light tight.!

have u looked into tents.?