11 weeks since planted

Still not seeing any amber but they are looking cloudy but it’s hard to tell with just my phone and a 10x jewlers loupe


Nice ! I like to use a x60 jewelers loop.

Yeah I’ve got one coming in from Amazon but it won’t be here till next week but I think she’s still got a week or two

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Also she is a white widow autoflower in a 3 gallon pot grown outside though I’ve been bringing it in at night due to temps in low 30s F


Yeah I agree I think you got time to wait on the loop check out the crystals.

This has been a summer of autoflowers Fox-tailing on forum members. When your plant Fox-tails I don’t think there is any benefit to flowering it any longer, it’s done…

What is foxtailing?

Fox-tailing is where the plant starts growing calyxs with two pistils, on top of the previous calyx with two pistils and so on. Compare what you have with a typical bud with a bunch of pistils on top.

I’m not an expert since this year is the first year in more then a dozen years growing, that I’ve had a plant fox-tail on me. But it’s also the first year I’ve grown autoflowers outdoors.

Out of 11 autoflowers I grew through the summer, 3 of them fox-tailed on me. The first one was full of seeds when I opened it up so I threw it away. The other two finished with some photoperiod plants I grew all summer and they just weren’t worth the effort to clean them. One I pitched, the other is sitting in a paper bag waiting for me to get to it.

From what others tell me, the smoke is “uneven” because the buds at the bottom are fully mature, while the calyx on top are not. Someone said no big deal, someone else says he cuts the top ones off.

From my experience, when they Fox-tail they are done and little benefit allowing it to continue. Cut the plant down.


Thanks for the feedback

All of my plants in my first grow showed signs of foxtailing and it made it very hard for my novice eyes to see the trichomes clearly. They always looked clear because there were always new ones growing.

I just cut the last plant - Northern at 17 weeks flowering and 21 weeks total. It was also foxtailing and I just decided to chop and hang. We’ll see how it goes.

@Marine1 I waited an extra week so that I could look with the loupe I ordered. It was incredible to see all the amber bulbs on stalks! I think it might of gone too long! It’s all part of learning and enjoying the process.

Good luck.