11 weeks outdoors, harvest is close I think, some comments please

This Grand Daddy Purple was a clone and is doing very well. The triches are getting somewhat cloudy but no amber as of today. Some of the lower buds are fat n sassy and full of red hairs, see photo. Should those be harvested and let the rest of the girl go??
Zen Blend soil
Fox Farm Big Blooml
Grow big
Tiger Bloom
Dr. Earth Fertilizer 5/7/3

I have religiously watered twice weekly, every other water Dr. Earth. Here in the North State temps are pretty much hovering at 88 and above with plenty of sunlight, close to 12 hours. She is in a ten gallon felt pot and drinks up a gallon of ph’d water every two days. So, she appears close and got a drink of molasses this morning.
Happy Growing…


sorry about the multiple pics, just learning to drop and drag

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They look buatiful

Hey sorry been super busy looking nice outdoor has always been more favored in my opinion. Also good strain

Great job. Enjoy