11 weeks in. Time to harvest? Buds too small?

Any thoughts on what I should do here?


Nothing you can do at this point. Finish them out, try to figure what you can do next time to increase your yield.

Just from the looks of ur pics I’d say closer to 2-3 weeks out.
You’ve still got a lot of white pistils.
Let most of them recede.
They should fatten up in the next few weeks.


Thanks for the help! So really waiting until there are no white pistils on the plant at all? So waiting until the bottom ones catch up?

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Your top flowers may finish before the rest do. I normally take the tops that finished first and allow the bottom ones to finish (better light when the tops are harvested).

Usually a week to 2 weeks after you harvest the tops the bottoms are ready for strawberry picking.

They are looking good, keep up the good work and enjoy.

The bottoms will never amount to much more then larf. As stated, it kinda is what it is at this point.

Most of the time, light intensity increases are the easiest factor to improve yield weights.

Tweaking mediums is right behind that. Hydro is faster then coco, and coco is faster then soil.

Nutrients and environmental changes also can effective just not as efficient.

Id finish her out til the top buds are mature and harvestable, then allow the bottoms to have a week or so to finish with direct light

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Hey very interested in this selective harvesting. I understand the concept, but execution.Newbie btw, So just literally take off the buds I want to dry and leaves the others on,That simple, will tag you in my journal take a look, thank u

Do not cut more than 2 branches off (or to the point at which the flowers stop being fully developed) the plant per day/every other day. So if you have 6 branches to harvest it will take you about 1 full week to harvest those so you don’t damage the plant. Then allow the lower ones an additional week or two+ to continue to develop.

If I have 2-3 colas I want to harvest, if there all on 1 branch dose that still count as 1. So I could do 2 of those , Don’t hurt to kill my baby, just yet lol thanks

Gotta picture? Whoops look UP Purp haha.

Can u put it in an edit app and draw a line where you want to cut?

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What @PurpNGold74 said. Show a picture of where you want to cut it at.

Not a really good pic will take a better one later, top view, top will definitely be done have small buds between

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Take off everything that circled ? That would leave a lot still

damn how tf you get it to grow like that? My shit looks frail af compared to yours.

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These are the ones I would attack first( every 2 days I would take 2 more), red=1st orange=2nd yellow=3rd blue=4th… remember you can always do more every other day after that as well.

Honestly dumb luck first grow, I’ll tag you in my journal take a look,

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Thanks a lot will definitely thank about it

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I usually water 2 to 3 hours before I’m going to cut those limbs down. Just to ensure that it’s got proper nutrient flow when you do damage.

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Here’s a guide for trichromes

It’s a great way to determine best harvest moment