11 foot Super Lemon Haze

First 80% sativa grow. This girl

gonna yield 2+ lbs.


My neighbor said, “Is that corn?” :nerd_face:


Yipie , lets us know how this turns out…what ya get from this monster…great growing

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How are you holding up those buds? I have a couple of 10-foot White Widows outside (first grow ever), and they’re way too tall to tie from above. Can they survive the weight of the buds without support if necessary?


You’re neighbor needs glasses!

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Good lookin corn

Lots of people use something like bambo or other poles and stick them a circle around the plant and use some sort of net to wrap around the plant. You can also tie branches to the poles so they pull on them to hold up.
Do a search for “giant outdoor cannabis plants” and scroll through the pictures and you’ll get an idea of what may work for you.