10x10 vs 9x9 grow tent

So I was going to get 2 10x10 gorilla grow tents over a 10x20 just due to space and wanting separate rooms. My main goal was to have 4 lights per tent in 4x4 sections.

In the 10x10 I would be able to push a 4x8 table up against each side and have a 2 foot walkway in middle. Well all of the 10x10s are sold out so now I am looking at a 9x9. You think just having a 1 foot walkway is plausible or is it worth waiting for the 10x10s to come back in stock. I mean technically I only need an 8x8 right?

Totally up to you. You know your space situation better than anyone

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I know that 1’ is not enough for me. 2’ would still be tight.

Well everyone has the same amount of space inside the tent regardless where the tent is at. I am just trying to figure out how big of a deal it is to have extra space inside the tent.

Technically I could just do an 8x8 and throw 2 4x8 tables in it? Or is that stupid and get a tent with extra room

I think it’d be hard to reach the plants in the back.