10weeks on both a black widow fem and Lsd auto

That Widow looks really close. As long as I keep seeing white hairs I like to keep pushing them. When the white hair stop I figured they’re trying to quit. But that’s just me there’s so many more experience Growers on here than me. I’ve seen some of TLC’s work and I will listen to whatever that individual has to say. No joke. Professional.

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Thanks, the leaves starting to turn on LSD and few more milky cloudy looking. Black widow may be starting to flower. Looks like might be try to.

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On your first set of pictures the first picture is that a lower Bud on the LSD? I suppose it must be . my bad. I thought that was the Widow. Man those lower buds are a lot farther along than the tops huh? I think I’m seeing the same thing in some of my plants right here. The tops are full of white hairs the lower buds look like they’re almost finished. Watching them like a hawk eyeglass in hand… LOL

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That’s my black widow she is 55 in from the top of her bucket. Didn’t leave me an inch to spare. Heavy colas waiting on Frost. She was topped, lightly bent, and then left to her own devices.

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Maybe that’s not a good idea still so much to learn. Monitor the trichomes daily go with the trichomes on the bud itself and not so much the sugar leaves.

Nice looking plant!!

Thanks TLC. I just found out I’ve been feeding half the amount of nutrients I should have been. I’ve kept them at 550 PPM the whole grow. But you can see they came out fine. Hope you guys have a super growing day. Time to turn the lights out

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Pics of different buds on LSD she’s getting there.

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Man look at the sugar!! She’s getting close huh? I can see mine are starting to slow down. They’re still making lots of white hairs though so they got a ways to go yet. I’m getting anxious for the Finish. Going to hang some wire panels and get ready for the dry. I guess I could wait a week or so to hang the panels. They’ll just be in the way till then. I caught a beautiful flathead catfish today. I actually went fishing after work this morning. Hope you guys are having a great day God bless everybody

Another few pics, LSD getting close I’m

excited. Lol dam black widow still growing like a weed.

Bro that LSD looks so beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve ever even smoked LSD or not. What’s the aroma like? It’s been around so long I’m surely I have… the black widow’s crazy isn’t it? Why won’t it bud? It’ll be Christmas by the time it’s ready. LOL… I’m waiting for my girls to finish. Getting closer by the minute

Wow looks awesome. Probably cut LSD tomorrow night and trim and hang them pretty buds she got. Black widow still growing. Looks like it may be starting to form something in middle lol. Yours is beautiful. LSD from first girl hmm it’s pretty darn good, maybe a little citrus flavor kind of. Lol gets use pretty dam high. I’m satisfied lol hopefully her sister will be as good or better


Do I see flowers starting in the Black Widow? Looks like there’s some in there along the stem. only 8 weeks to go.

I’m counting the days to cut. It’s been a wild ride how much fun can one person have??

Well we harvest our LSD, pretty happy can’t wait for it to dry and cure it. Can’t wait to see what black widow does. She’s still growing up but looks like some buds might be starting.


SWEET!!!now you got me sharpening my scissors again …

Can’t wait to see your porn, lol. Yours are so beautiful.

Shoot brother mine ain’t got nothing on yours!! That weed is beautiful. I got a lot of foxtails in this mess I got over here. I think I’m going to cut some just to stop them from getting any worse. I’ve been really put an eye on them tonight. Need to finish up my drying room tomorrow and start cutting tomorrow night. All good things must come to an end at some point in time LOL I’ve been smoking some that came from their sisters. It’s rocking weed. And not nearly as mature and thick like this is. So … That was a sweet haul you got from that pretty lady. Let me know how she turns out

Congrats Nice Harvest :rofl:

Thanks, smells so wonderful. So question, we have them hanging up to dry, is it ok if they close together like we have them, i use my gun safe I can control temp and humidity better. Or do they need to be spread apart more?

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As long as air can circulate around and thru the buds other wise there might be wet spots.