10w LEDs or 150w high pressure sodium for 1'' seedlings

I found one of the HPS lights I had and was wondering if I should change this or just leave what i have… Im not worried about an electric bill and they are kept in C/A + exhaust fan ( 76 deg. ) with a shop fan blowing at all times. I literally

am growing them in that chair with the led light resting on the arm rests ,( 6’’ from plant ) and found it to be easy access… If I used the HPS light its gonna get hot and now I have to make something to keep it adjusted. Is it worth it ???

What’s color temp of leds?

Hps will make your plant stretch because it’s better for flower. The leds would probably be better for vegging if you can find a way to get them grouped together better

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LEDs are just white… Guessing daylight white…Under-cabinet light I had laying around … The stamp just says 10 watts and there are 8 little diodes in the bar…The light faces down and sets 4’’ above the seedlings

The leds are probably better option for seedlings. They’ll quickly outgrow a light that small though.

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10 watts is awfully low. I would just go to the home improvement store and buy some CFL bulbs and sockets. You could buy 4 of the 23 watt CFLs and have 92 watts, which is enough for 2 square feet of 2 foot high seedlings. Then when you get a tent or grow chamber worked out, add your HID bulb.

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