1000W or lower?

Im growing indoor in a 20x18 And im using some 1000 watts lights they have a dimmer, should i keep it at that high of watts or lower it down ? I have 9 Grow lights of 1000W. and there all at at max watts and the bill is killing me haha

Will need alot more information. 1000w can mean so many different things in the light world. Plus your plants are they 1 day, week, or month old, autos or photos . There’s just way to many things that have to be figured in when answering your question

There in flower currently, and its led lights but its 1000W true watts and it has a dimmer

20x18=360² feet depending on the efficiency of your LEDs 9000w is not enough so I’m guessing you wouldn’t be able to dim the lights. There’s still many more things to consider when figuring how much light you need but with what you gave me that is my opinion

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