1000w led, what are suggested light distances for all stages? And light on/off for stages?

Hello, I’m on my second grill but I can’t remember a few things and I was hoping you could help. All the research I’ve done on the internet gives me different results. I have a 1,000 w LED light and I want to know how long it should stay on during all the stages for autoflowers and how what the distances are from the plant during the germination vegetation and flour thank you very much. I’ve already recommended a friend of mine and she bought a bunch of seeds and we’re going to have fun.

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Good Morning @pollymex5000. What is the make of your light. Some lights are advertised with big numbers like 1000w, 2000w and so on but the actual wats from the wall are 100w, 150w.

Autoflowers are flexible about light hours. With my autos I have the lights on 20 hours. Most common is probably 18/6 just like photoperiod veg hours. Some even do 12/12. Ultimately it depends on the light and the PPFD it produces. I weaker light needs to be on longer than a high PPFD output lamp would be.

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Thanks. I have a few $50 lights so who knows. They’re from China. All I can afford right now.