1000w dimmable electronic/digital ballast

Hi all, I’m somewhat new to growing indoors and my friend has given me a 1000w electronic/digital MH/HPS ballast to help get me started it has dimmable settings of 60,80 and 110% my question is, is it ok to use a 600w bulb if the ballast is only running at 60%?
It seems logical to me that it would be fine but thought I’d get some input before proceeding.

No. I wouldn’t recommend it. Just because it says 60% of 1000w doesn’t mean it’s actually putting out 600w of power when it’s on the 60% setting. Just be careful, I’d hate to see a bulb blow or something bad happen.

And don’t just take my word on it, I just don’t think it’d be a good idea. Safety first. Maybe someone else has better information for you on this subject. But I would recommend just buying a nice 1000w HPS bulb, and a matching 1000w MH bulb. Then you’re good to go, and you’ll always know that your bulbs are good and there’s no worry of varying watts in certain bulbs. All the 1000w bulbs will handle any 60%-80%110%. BUT, you then have to be careful because the ballast your friend gave you is a special one, that actually gives an extra 10% of power, making it 110%. Look it up and do some reading and you’ll be good! Hope this helps.


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Thanks guys that just means I am going to need a larger space to build my grow room, it was going to be1200×1200×1800 will this now be to small for a 1000w?

What units of measurement are we talking haha? I’m in the USA, but I know a lot of you guys are from other countries.

Millimeters so about 3.9×3.9×5.9 feet

Haha ohhh ok, thanks! With that as your grow area, I think the 1000w is perfect.i believe that a 1000w is ideal for like a 5x5’ tent, but since yours is about a 4x4, you should get great light penetration and optimal light absorption through your leaves. Recommended wattage per square foot is 50w. With your set up, you’ll be getting 62w per square foot. But extra wattage is a good thing here!

I use a 600w for a 5x5 tent. Yes, I know that I should have a bigger light for a 5x5, but I don’t, and all my plants have grown great! I will eventually upgrade, but for now this setup for me has worked incredibly.

I’m actually going to have to build the room as the tent I have is only about 2.6×2.6×5.2 which I know is way to small oh well just another project for the best hobbie ever I guess

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