1000W CMH Fixture

Hey Everyone,

This is my first post on this form and I have been getting into discussions with various friends of mine and I wanted to ask some others the same question.

For a while now companies have been marketing new 1000W CMH fixtures but for some reason, I cannot find a 1000W CMH bulb anywhere. What’s the purpose of selling the fixture if you have no bulb for it? Also is this even something the market wants?

They’re available, just sold out I think. Growers choice makes them, available at hydrobuilder.

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Yeah, That’s the first site that came up and it has been sold out for a couple months now. I just wasn’t sure if anyone had successfully developed the bulb yet or are they that popular to where no one has it hahah.

Not sure. If I had to guess people like the twin 315 setups better for distribution.