1000 watt LED light Height


I have a 1000 watt led grow light in a 24x48x60 grow tent. What height should I keep this light at as to not damage the plant? I have this meter that measures the amount of light hitting the plant but I have know idea what the numbers mean so I don’t know if they are getting too much or too little light.


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What kind of meter is it. Also what is your true watts coming out of the wall.


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Without knowing the light, a quick google threw one up claiming to be 1000w (100 x 10w leds) but draws 180w from the wall but others seem to go up to 250w.

I wouldn’t think he’ll be over 300w from the wall.

@dave68 You’ll likely have a Lux meter. It’s only going to be an indication and not accurate with LED’s but I like to keep things around an indicated 50,000 lux and the 2 foot tall 34 day old Auto you see below (pic is from Monday, it’s just slightly bigger now than it was then) isn’t complaining.


You should have no problems going up to 80k, 90k lumens for flowering.


If you have the “no name” ebay 1000 watt double chip light, then you are only pulling 100 watts from the wall. (I have one)
You need 35 to 50 watts of light per square foot of grow space, so you need 280 to 400 watts of light. Unless you are only growing one plant then you will need more light. @dbrn32 who is running the QB in a 2 x 4 and what are they using. I would recommend the HLG 260w grow light kit. That would work.

If you have a lux meter, then you can set your lights for 50,000 to 75,000 for veg and 75,000 to 100,000 for flower.
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@Onlythebest79 and @GreenThunder I’m pretty sure. @raustin has single board in 2x2 as well.


The meter is a 3 in 1 Sonkir. I can’t find any info on the true wattage other than it has 100 lights at 10 watts a piece. There is one thing I noticed is when I hold the meter up to the sun, it pegs the meter. When I put the meter at plant level in the grow tent, the needle moves about 1/4 of the full distance. When I bring the meter close to the lights, it pegs the meter. Now since the sun is that strong and doesn’t kill plant life, shouldn’t I be able to lower the lights closer to the plants to where the meter is almost peged without hurting them?


This is my grow light. It seems like a good light, but not sure.



I’m thinking that the meter is junk. It has numbers on the bottom that goes from 1 to 10 then on the top in goes from 0 to 2000 which makes no sense at all considering you’re talking about as much as 90,000 lux.


True wattage for that light is 185 watts. Its listed in the description. So you would need 2 of those to light your grow space.


The 1 to 10 number is your multiplier and the number on the bottom is your value. So if the bottom reads 200 and the top number is 10 then the value would be 20000. That just an example, and Im just guessing too.


Thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately there is no way I can afford another one of those lights right now but at least the plants are growing. I’ll see how these turn out and hopefully can get another light later on.


Thanks for the help. It seems my meter is junk. I will get another.


Ok that sounds great. I am thinking my meter is junk and I will pick up another one soon.
Thanks for your reply.


You can grow one plant with that light or 2 but your yields will suffer. MJ plants need a lot of light


Actually. some indicas can’t take full summer sun. (120,000 lux) I planted several different strains last summer and both pure indica strains got sun burned but the sativas and hybrids did fine. You might want to limit light to 85,000 lux if growing indicas. That’s about all the light they can use anyway so more is just wasted.


This is what I have after three weeks. They don’t look great, but not to bad for my first grow.


They look great for three weeks.