1000 watt HPS vs LED?

So I have 2 1000 watt big kahunas running right now and I normally dim them down to 750 watts each or 600 but still the heat and everything else I am thinking about switching to a couple advanced platinum p600s or 450s and wondering what the led growers think of these lights in comparison to HPS?

I also am thinking of a change. I love my hps. But im in flower atm and im using a led china board as a extra light and the buds near it look fluffier and fatter. I think they like the led

I just don’t know if they will produce the same I mean advanced platinum is like the #1 company in led and I see @hillcrest21678 and many others have great success with led and they run cooler and cheaper so I think I’m gonna go for it. Can always pull the old HPS back out if I don’t like haha


@Stan it’s a difference in technology when you say advance platinum , the platinum series is they old Technology light , but the Diamond Series and XTE series is they new technology with bigger led diodes , IR , and UV LEDs are in sequence in the chip diodes . But platinum is more cost affordable , now they are many new brand names on the market for a lessor cost and works pretty consistent , but over all you will save more in the long terms with LED verses HPS , due to you not having to buy bulbs every grow and energy cost . But MarsHydro has a good name , they new Pro Series lights look well built with a curve design that’s very interesting , Viparspectra has step up in the growing game , and Mehzi lights are very price affordable and seems to do well also , but it’s your investment so make sure you cover the details in what you spending .

@yoshi I’ve been doing nothing but researching and talking to customer service the last 2 days and u are correct the p series is the older series from platinum but is still the most intense LED on the market even the competition representatives admit it. As far as coverage tho there are many Different ones out now the mars hydro 2 Cree 256 looks promising for the price, the diamond and kind brands are both very good but more expensive and less core intensity then the p series, but I think I’m gonna get a couple of p600 or 900’s and replace my HPS and see how they work and then decide what the other 2 I am gonna get for my other tent after seeing how they work