1000 watt hi sdard led

hi everyone
beginner on indoor. am going to have about 2x3 grow box(actually redone wood cabinet about 4ft tall saw this light on amazon. liked the bloom and flower switch. anyone have any experience with this light or company. ANY advice will be a help. very small budget… living on social security sucks.

Amazon has several 600w ( 300 actual watt) lights around $120. Just search for 600w LED lights. Then take a look at the specifications. Almost every cheap LED light that is sold as 1,000W is nowhere near that. Most are not even 200 actual watts. You need about 35 to 50 watts per square foot and you only have 6 square feet. A true 300 watt should be good for you. I bought mine for $118 each at Amazon It’s a DLSTTL600. I am building my own LED lights and I needed the lights until I get my lights built. They seem to be a pretty decent light for the money and have a 5 year warranty. They put out about 275 true watts and my plants are very happy at the moment


thanks skgrower does look like a good deal thanks for the scam alert on sales of theses lights.Peace an goodwill to ya, I really appreciate the help.oldbgrey2

I too am very poor myself, so I had to figure out how to do this and not spend much money. I will tell you that growing successfully is quite a bit of work, but worth it. I simply cannot afford $80 a quarter for good stuff.