100 watt led light on two plants

On two front plants I have a 100 watt led light one of them looks really lanky tall all are Northern lights auto flowering.

![Resized_20200224_103714|666x500](upload://hO1cet4xdGpOz 3lJo7v.jpeg)

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Low light intensity will cause the plants to reach up looking for more light. There is also some reactions to specific wavelengths of light, and genetics. But if I had to guess maybe a mixture of the three is what you’re seeing.


Thank you. I’ll look into that


You HAVE to get more light on them girls especially going into flower. My last grow was NLa which puts me right to sleep… LoL good luck and do your research on here before wasting money on garbage lights it’s numero uno importante…I will add this - if you’ve got this far witha just 100w you have a bright future sir…

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I ordered a new light yesterday xeccon 2000, which I believe gives 260 watts led full spectrum. Thank thank you.

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My new light should arrive today. Xeccon 2000 which will make 2 same lights in my tent. But this plant now is 44" tall and around 6 weeks old. I hope my new light will help. My other 2 plants look pretty good for a beginner.

Man it’s always cool getting new toys. Some of the guys can recommend some good quality lights when you move up on your next buy. If you get the grow bug and stick with it like EVERYBODY on this forum pretty much.lol did you read much in here before… you’re newer to the site I see!!! Did I say high before I… lol

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High to you too. I read too much probably all over and my brain only holds so much, these days. I love seeing everyone’s pics and forums. Yes I hope to be doing this now it passed in Missouri.