100% newbie, looking for sex info

OK so long story short, seeds came from a friend on the west coast, have no idea what they are. Wondering when I will be able to tell males and females ? ( :crossed_fingers: ).
Currently 18-6 on lighting

Pretty soon they’ll show their sex with white hair pistils or a round seed sacs where leaf stems meet base stem

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In a few weeks…


Way to early to tell. But the post shows what to look for by Midwest. :+1::+1::+1:

I kinda figured it was too soon. Just don’t want any males lol

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Nothing wrong with knowing. Males suck unless you want them.

Said every woman ever


If yur looking for sex info i think I seen "for a good time call @dbrn32 " in the men’s room and had his phone number below it.


It was in a stall in Vegas. I’ve seen it too.



That’s Jenny’s number. That’s @dbrn32 ’s sister.


Dbrsnumbwr is 4204556969

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It was fun gentlemen but let’s keep this topic from going off the rails.

Welcome @Gjgkeb! Keep us updated as they grow. They’re still prepubescent but won’t take long to show their bits.

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Y’all are a trip!!! Too funny :rofl:
I can see I’m gonna enjoy being part of this family!

LOL on title

Best to ask your parents

Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who kept seeing the title that way