10 week development

How much calmag you recommend

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Mine is an absolute cheapo from amazon 30x and 60x lighted came two in a pack.

Typical calmag is 3-5 ml. I would go with 5 to start with for several feedings. I was a FF trio guy when I started, the down side to those nutrients is the plant needs flushing about every 30-40 days due to the salt and minerals that build up in the root zone. Do you have a TDS and PH Pen to measure your run off? When I flush under this condition, I flush with calmag followed up by a full feeding. Recharge will be needed to replenish the beneficial bacteria depleted during the flush. They all look nice and healthy other than those few leaves. Start with a run off test before you flush, that’ll tell you the parts per million of nutrients in the root zone and test the PH. :love_you_gesture:

5ml per gallon and I’d stick with the 5ml til atleast flower theñ drip yo 3 unless 3 shows signs. Most run at 5ml per gal welcome and plants b looking a otaye

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Thanks guys appreciate the realness

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Other then fox farm what do you use now?
I don’t know about top feeding but curious about it.