10 w.w. autos Journal


Going back and reading my journal has been a tremendous help to my learning curve. Going to start my WW Autoflowering grow in a couple days.


Best of luck my guy. Tag me along in it


So just went and check on the girls not so good thehermie must of pollinated some of my girls I found two seeds in the one how do I go about cleaning my tent and will that affect my other plant I have in there that’s in preflower she does have a while to go b4 I flip


Disinfecting wipes, bleach and water, etc. just make sure to scrub it all down from top to bottom :v:


@MattyBear and what about my other plant that’s in Pre flower will she be okay or you think she was pollinated to she is young maybe a month and a half she been in preflower bout 20 days give or take 0220e23f2663b40c829e117009400020ffac9fc8_1_375x500


Tough to tell, but only showing female so far.


Theres no way to tell if she was pollinated is there @MattyBear


You’ll know in a few weeks, I guess… keep checking around. I’d probably remove her and wash down the tent and put her back in. Is the other plant spilling pollen?


@MattyBear honestly not sure been checking and pulling all nanners I see been a whole lot of the so I may have miss a few


I’ve had plants with nanners before and haven’t had them pollinate my other plants. Just keep plucking all you can. It may be residual pollen kicked up from the other plant too that pollinated her. So hard to be sure


Just some pics of the ladies today the ending is so slow to finish lmfao may have stop the nutes a little sooner then I should have but that’s part of the learning


Oh yeah forgot to post that I got 30g off my plant that went hermie on me after it hung for 8 days knew I wasnt going to get much off it anyways it was my ugly duckling the whole grow lol but hey it saved me least 150 from buying from some1 else so that’s a win for me and it doesn’t smell half bad


Congrats @Newb1!


Thanks @Covertgrower


Question can I cut off the buds that are ripe and leave the rest to ripen up some more on these autos


Yes you can. @Newb1


Took a bud today to let the lower ones ripen up


So all but 2 of my plants went hermie on me so far so went and chopped them down b4 the filled up with seeds so disappointing still got 2 tho


About to try a bud from these ladies look and smell good to me


So here some of my bud i got from these wwa