10 Plant Grow With 3 x draw power 750W LED

Looking good

Thank you.

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When I look a little closer on the plants, I do however notice that on 2 of the plants there is a leaf with something brown on the edges. Not sure what that is about. It’s on 2 of the Pure power plants, and only on 1 leaf on each plant. The third plant is completely unaffected and on the affected plants all the other leaves look nice and healthy. The 8 other plants all look magnificent so I doubt it is nutrition burn or heat stress. Take a look at the 2 next images and tell me what you think it could be.

To me it looks a like you spilled a little water on that leaf when watering. Or it could be that it’s touching the pot. Leaves don’t like touching stuff it seems. If it’s only on those I wouldn’t worry much. Just keep an eye out if you start showing spots elsewhere then I’d be concerned.

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Thank you so much. That was very useful info

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DAY 30

Plants are still growing much faster than expected. They all look nice, bushy and healthy. Been adjusting the temperatures down a little bit to make it suitable for clones. I did not put together the tent yet and need to clean space for it first. So I figured I could let them use the same room and light as the rest of the plants.


Looking good! My new light from mars should be here by monday. I got the email from FedEx that it cleared customs in the US earlier today. Very excited to see it and to get it upand running.

It is great. Do you like the Mars light sample you will test? I am also very interested in white led

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It’s very nice. I like the design of it and it’s bright. I only wish they would have sent me the bigger one as it would’ve been a better comparison. I’m getting things setup for my next grow where I’ll be using it. I’ll tag you when I do.

Thank you. I will keep an eye on your testing.
They have more powerful light SP–200led,this light has no strict requirements for volt. SP–150 only can be used under 110V for USA and Canada customers, even 115V or 105V can not work. 220V for Europe customers, or the driver will be damaged. You should pay attention to it my brother.

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DAY 42

Once again the vigorous growth managed to impress the shit out of me. The power of Mars Hydro has truly blessed me. I have never seen cannabis grow this fast before. Not even when I grew in hydro.

I have a new minor problem. After I turned on the full power of all 3 Mars lamps, I actually have heat issues. It was 30 degrees in the room and that is hotter than I like. The humidity was around 60%. Will think a little bit about potensial future solutions if it should get completely out of control. The plants however, seem to thrive and all is good.

Check out the massive growth! The plants are taking over the entire room. Almost like they scrogged themselves


wow, it is a small forest, man. I was using the Mars pro II little model for a few months. It worked very well and helped me save a lot electricity bill. How many bucks you need to pay for the electricity a month?

I did not calculate exact electricity bill for my leds each month, there are also air-conditioners …used at my home. But the electricity cost decrease a lot when I changed my HPS to Mars led lights

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DAY 65

Today the 225 liter flexi-tank was almost empty, so I filled 200 liters of water and added:

Then I pH’ed the water to around 6.0

This is the first feeding where I use the recommended amount of nutrients. Crossing my fingers it won’t cause nutrient burn. Guessing this far out in the grow the plants should handle it just fine, but you never know. Am ready to flush at first sign of nutrient burn. Gambling just a little bit here to get the most massive buds possible.

After that I decided I wanted to test a hypothesis saying if you remove the lower branches, the top buds will grow bigger as the plants will focus all the energy on those. To test this hypothesis properly I did this to 3 of 10 plants. If those 3 yield the same amount or more as the plants I did not do this with, then this is a technique I will continue to use in future grows. Both because trimming a shitload of tiny popcorn buds is time consuming but also because it is a tool to keep humidity down in the grow-room

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I should update and share the two growing pictures 2 weeks ago, but I was very busy with my family housework: Day77